Betway vs Bet365 – Comprehensive Comparative Review

Betway and Bet365 are both massive online sportsbooks and some of the leading brands in the industry. Both can boast thousands of customers and some of the best online betting offers currently available. However, picking the best online betting site often comes down to a narrowed-down choice between two bookies. If you find yourself in a dilemma between these two, you’ve come to the right place.

Betway or Bet365 – which is better, and why? Keep reading for a comprehensive look back at how these two offers stack up against one another.

Interface, Design and Accessibility

We’ll start with the first thing most new customers will notice – the websites themselves.


Betway first opens up to a homepage, which contains little except some promotional banners and their proud sponsorship of West Ham. Several tabs on the top of the screen allow you to go through their well-known black and white sportsbooks. It’s presented in a classic online betting site manner, with categories on the left and the fixtures themselves in the middle.

It’s a nice all-around look that’s intuitive to navigate. However, one gripe is that the site does not feature a dedicated live betting section. Instead, in-play events are lumped in at the top of the prematch sportsbook.


Bet365, however, comes with a more toned-down appearance. The sportsbook is spacious and presents plenty of information in a neat, well-thought-out kind of way. The panel on the left allows you to quickly and easily go through many of the sports, leagues, and competitions available.

The search function above is especially powerful and will help you quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Most top bookies these days are actively trying to emulate Bet365 in this respect, which can’t be bad either.

Overall, we’d have to say Bet365 is better in this department. We especially appreciate how much of the screen they’ve managed to use for actually relevant information. It’s less cluttered than Betway, and the various Bet365 betting offers are better categorized and laid out.

Licensing, Safety, and Reputation?

One of the perks of picking top bookmakers of this size and renown is that safety is no concern. This goes for both sites, which are licenced primarily by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. As one of the most respected regulative bodies for online gambling, that’s as strong of a licence as it gets.

Betway additionally boasts an MGA licence, and both sites have multiple local, country-specific permits. All in all, this means customers from all over the globe can safely bet with these two providers. Unfortunately, though, US players are on the restricted lists for both, as are a number of other countries.

As for the reputation, we won’t waste too much time either. Both online bookmakers are the cream of the crop when it comes to UK internet bookies. They’ve been around for quite a while – and at the top of the industry no less.

However, between the two, we would have to say we slightly favour Betway in this area. They’re available in more countries, have an MGA licence, and have slightly better customer reviews. It’s a close call, though.

Customer Support

There’s not much to say about the customer support for these two companies, so we’ll call this one a draw. Both come with a full range of ways to contact them, including e-mail, phone, and live chat options. We’ve had no issue getting in contact with Bet365 customer support or their Betway counterparts. In both cases, the responses were quick and the staff was professional. Such top-notch support really puts our minds at ease in terms of safety and security.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Betway allows users to make payments to and from the sportsbook with ease. From card payments to Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal, there are about a dozen options available. Deposits are instant, while Betway withdrawal times last from 24 hours to 2-5 days, depending on the chosen method. Transactions can be made in 13 different currencies, and you can deposit up to £100,00 (via bank transfer.)

Bet365 boasts more than 15 options, depending on where you’re from. This site has a reputation primarily for convenience, and the Bet365 payment methods are one of the reasons why. All transactions are free, instant (barring bank wires and cheques), and with huge limits. Minimums are set at £5, while the maximum withdrawals range between €40,000 and €150,000.

We also see Bet365 as slightly stronger in this part of their offer. While Betway offers more currencies, Bet365 provides faster withdrawals and more methods.


With them being one of the biggest bookies in the world, passing on esports was not an option. They were among the few who fully accepted esports markets and offer them to their users. The bet365 amazing customer support and reputation are more than enough to consider making an account with them.


This bookie saw a lot of potential in esports and decided to heavily invest in it. They offer great esports betting promotions with a wide range of available markets. They are trustworthy and transparent about their practices and you can rest assured that your money is in good hands.

Sports and Markets

Both these bookies are so large that they boast an incredible range of offered sports, bets, and events. With that in mind, this part of the Betway comparative review will be decided by very small details. Specialised markets, extremely niche sports, and so on.

Football betting is placed front-and-centre for both sites, which is to be expected. We won’t waste too much time on stating their obvious coverage of huge events like the Premier League. Both these sites have such offers in spades. However, it’s worth pointing out Bet365 pulls ahead when it comes to the sheer number of markets. Where Betway offers 100 types of wager, Bet365 occasionally reaches up to 300. This, of course, only refers to the major sports.

Speaking of which, niche sports are also where Bet365 wins out. Don’t get us wrong – Betway comes with over 25 different betting categories. However, the other option is a wealth of smaller leagues, events, and sports like MotoGP betting.

That said, Betway comes with considerably better options for eSports betting, if that’s what you’re looking for.

Odds and Margins

If maximizing your profits is what you’re after, low betting margins are your go-to factor for determining the best bookmakers. Calculating average margins can be quite the task, though, so let’s get down to it. If nothing else, the UK-based Bet365 is quite consistent across the board. They have a standard 5% margin on almost all betting offers, and they rarely deviate from that standard. On one hand, these aren’t incredible odds. We would say it’s close to average in this industry, with some notable exceptions. The 5% margin applies to most UK and European national leagues, and better odds can definitely be found. However, the upside is that this standard also applies to smaller leagues like the Danish Superliga and niche markets. Even top bookies tend to bump up the margins on such offers, so this is great news. Champions League betting is another outlier with superb margins of around 2%.

Betway is less consistent with their prices, which is a double-edged sword. For instance, Betway football betting odds can hover in the 4.2 to 4.8% range. If betting on the Big 5 is your thing, they’re overall the better option. However, less popular competitions and markets are worse off, sometimes going into almost 7%. As for other sports, a 4.4% average on basketball wagers is great, as is 4.6% on American Football. However, Ice Hockey is for some reason snubbed with a massive 8.5%, and tennis sits at a lukewarm 5%.

It’s hard to make a clear ruling here, by we’re confident the majority of punters would favour Betway’s focus on big-name football. We’ll give them the win here, but Bet365 is the better pick for smaller sports and leagues.

In-Play Betting

Today we have a wide spectrum of choices when it comes to esports betting. However, things weren’t that great it the past. The biggest online bookmakers saw just how huge this market is and they were somewhat forced to introduce it into their offering. Nowadays, you can easily use real-money to place your esports wagers. Furthermore, the number of options has dramatically increased and is no longer as limited as before. Essentially, you could only bet on winners of the clash. Later, the over/under markets were introduced, and now you can even wager on the total number of rounds or maps that would be played before the winner is determined.


Both sportsbooks come with dedicated online sports betting apps, which is great to hear. You can bet on the go with either, and both these products are quite strong in our opinion.

The Bet365 app is pretty much just a compact version of the website – and that’s a compliment. It’s lightweight, bug-free, and offers everything you’d expect. Live streaming, bet tracking, and customization are par for the course for a bookie such as this one.

The Betway mobile betting app, however, took us by complete surprise. All of those misgivings we had pretty much evaporated. In-play wagers got their own section, and the overbearing ads are gone. Overall, the screen is much better used, and we’ve seen no features omitted or ignored. It’s an absolute winner even among the best betting apps, and one of Betway’s biggest advantages.

Bonuses and Promotions

We’ve often said that picking a bookie often comes on the back of which can offer the best free bets. We advise against focusing on bonuses as your primary concern. However, when the competition is this close, they’re great for finally deciding one way or the other.

The Bet365 Welcome Bonus is a heft 100$ match up to £100. While that’s big, the lack of wagering requirements is the real winner here. You just need to use the Bet Credits once, and any winnings are up for grabs! Moreover, there are more than a dozen Bet365 promotions active at any time. These include Acca Bonuses, 2 Goals Ahead early payouts, and more. Event-specific offers pop up all the time, which can be especially profitable.

Currently, the Betway welcome bonus is a humbler £10. Though this also comes with minimal wagering requirements, it’s comparatively smaller. The online sportsbook also offers money-back specials, a loyalty club, and more. That said, the winner is clear. Bet365 special offers are some of the best in the industry, and Even Betway’s solid portfolio fails to match up.


First of all, let’s sum up our Bet365 vs Betway comparison. You’ll find the overall results in the table below.

Comparation Betway Bet365
Licensing and Safety
Customer Support
Sports and Markets
Live Betting
Overall Winner

As you can see, the giants of Bet365 win this shootout. However, we would be wrong to say they’re the absolute winner for all players. First of all, many of these decisions we close calls, and the details carried the day. Secondly, the table assumes all of these factors are equally important to you. For example, the superb Betway betting odds may be enough to swing things in their favour for some punters.

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