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ComeOn review BettingFellow Rating: 8.30/10

Online sports betting has been around for quite a while, and some bookies seem to have been left in the dust of the fierce competition within the industry. Though this online bookmaker has been around for over a decade at this point, it is yet to make a strong impression either way.

From where we’re standing, ComeOn seems to largely focus on its online casino operations. The internet sportsbook part of it all is left playing second fiddle to a comprehensive casino section.

Does that mean that the ComeOn bookmaker isn’t worth your time? Not necessarily. You’d be surprised by the kinds of sports betting offers we run into while digging through less obvious choices. Either way, that’s what this ComeOn bookmaker review is here to find out.

ComeOn – Focused, innovative, and daring

ComeOn review

Having first come online back in 2010, ComeOn is owned and operated by the Swedish company Co-Gaming Ltd. Sweden has become a sort of hub for i-gaming in recent years, so it’s not a surprise to see another Swedish company bubble up among top bookies. What’s even less surprising is that their main operating license comes from the Malta Gaming Authority.

In the early days, ComeOn started quite strong, quickly establishing a foothold in some major European markets. These include Sweden, Denmark, and Germany, all of which remaining ComeOn’s biggest client bases. That said, we’ll warn you right out the gate – the company’s efforts remain focused on mainland Europe. This means that British residents can’t count on this site as a UK bookmaker – largely due to the lack of a UKGC licence.

Similarly, US residents won’t find a home at ComeOn despite the recent changes in local gambling regulations.

More recently, however, the bookie turned its attention to the huge potential of the Indian market. ComeOn is often marketed as one of the best betting sites in India – which is quite a title to claim. More specifically, they’re attempting to expand into the cricket betting scene, which has recently started growing rapidly. Their goal is to become one of the best bookmakers for cricket betting. We’ll get into the details in the Markets and Odds section of this ComeOn online sportsbook review.

That said, we can identify this site’s greatest weakness from the get-go. The way we see it, ComeOn appears to be an online casino with a sports betting section. Most bookies we review are the other way around – sportsbooks with a casino side-show. The difference, however, is subtle at best. Again, that doesn’t mean the site can’t put together an attractive offer. At the very least, though, you should be aware of the largely successful ComeOn online casino.

The first thing you’ll notice when entering the ComeOn betting site is a strong visual identity. Based solely on looks, the site has a distinct grey-and-green colour palette that’s quite easy on the eyes. From a technical standpoint, the site also works flawlessly. We’re especially fond of the smooth transition animations which make the whole experience feel seamless and polished.

Design-wise, there are no big surprises either. You can see the various sports and categories to the left while the main betting offers are front-and-centre. Strangely, in-play betting is the first thing you’re presented with, with an assortment of suggested matches and special offers to the left. All in all, you’ll know what to do if you’ve ever seen an online sportsbook before.

Licensing & Safety

Betting Fellow only ever deals in safe betting sites, which generally starts with a proper remote gambling licence. ComeOn does not disappoint in this department, though it’s mostly regulated in the regions it focuses on. Unfortunately, this translates into a long list of restricted countries. Let’s take a look at these licences first, though.

The main one is issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. Though perhaps not the best gambling license out there, this one is rather ubiquitous among top online bookmakers. If you’re playing from anywhere outside of Denmark or Sweden, it’s also the regulation you’re most interested in.

Sweden and Denmark are the two most prominent local licenses for ComeOn. Neither of these covers remote gambling, though, so they won’t do much unless you’re from one of these countries.

Due to various legal concerns, a lot of people may not be able to register with ComeOn. The ComeOn restricted countries are as follows: Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Netherlands, Turkey, United States of America (and its territories), United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Australia, Croatia, France (and its territories), Curacao, Netherlands Antilles, Ireland, Romania, Denmark, Greece or any other jurisdictions were registration and/or participation would be in conflict with any applicable laws or rules relating to Online Gambling.

The above countries may not register for ComeOn at all. However, some regions can access the website and casino but not the sportsbook. These are Afghanistan, Angola, Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Iran, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, North Korea, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan, Ukraine, and Uruguay.

We should also spend a moment to talk about the bookie’s security. Most of ComeOn’s sports betting operations are handled by SBTech, an award-winning provider of i-gaming solutions. This fact plays a big part in why the sportsbook runs so smoothly. SBTech also has a strong reputation for security with a long track record of providing and operating safe online sportsbooks. In short, we have reason to believe this site’s data encryption is on par with the best betting sites out there. Your data is guaranteed to remain safe and secure – as are your transactions and personal info.

Deposit and Withdrawals

It’s safe to say that the banking options cover the basic needs, but not much else. Don’t get us wrong – 95% of bettors will likely find a method that suits them. However, we’re not exactly wowed by the offer at hand, and some potential customers might want a bit more choice. We also would have liked a more transparent system. The way it stands, future customers are ill-informed about the banking options at ComeOn, and most of this information had to be manually tested. That said, some users may have access to more payment methods at ComeOn than others.

All users have access to Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Bank Transfers, and the Paysafecard as options. Some users, specifically those from Germany, can also opt to make their transactions using Sofort, Trustly, and Zimpler. Whether you have access to these or not depends on your country of residence.

On the bright side, they made the limits universal for all payments regardless of the method. The ComeOn minimum deposit sits at €10 across the board. Minimum withdrawals, however, are slightly higher at €20. The maximum deposit at Comeon, on the other hand, is a rather low €10,000. While we know this is more than enough for the majority of bettors, most of the competition allows for greater freedom when it comes to transactions. At least all of the deposits are instant for all methods except bank transfers, which may take up to 4 business days to complete.

The withdrawal times are generally up to industry standards, though the e-wallet waiting times are arguably quite strong. Card payments need some time to be processed, of course, as do bank transfers. ComeOn officially says the waiting times for these methods are between 2 and 7 days. That said, we’ve never seen a deposit take more than 3 days to complete.

Overall, deposits and withdrawals at ComeOn are decent enough. Or at least they would have been, had it not for one fatal flaw – ComeOn charges a fee on all deposits. Most methods incur a 2.5% fee, except for PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller who require you to pay a whopping 5%. Card payments don’t have fees on amounts over €250, but that’s not much of a consolation. In the current online sports betting landscape, there is no excuse for such practices. ComeOn will seriously need to reconsider these fees if they wish to compete effectively.

Customer Support

Effective customer service is often a huge advantage that lower-profile top online bookies have over their bigger peers. We can’t say that’s the case here. Before you write this site completely off – no, there are no real issues with the customer service, except maybe the working hours. Most of our queries were answered in due time. However, the ComeOn customer service simply isn’t up to par with today’s standards. Let us explain.

First of all, all contact is limited to 10 am to 9 pm CEST. There’s nothing wrong with that at face value – smaller betting sites can’t afford to hire as many shifts of service reps, after all. From the customer’s perspective, though, such a service won’t get a lot of mileage compared to the big competitors.

Moreover, most of the best betting sites in the world have detailed FAQ sections and similar features. Such help centres can potentially answer most questions before you ever need to contact ComeOn customer service. Not only would more readily available info on the ComeOn betting site attract more customers, but it would also work towards lowering the workload for support representatives.

Once you get a hold of them, though, we have no real complaints about the customer support itself. It’s quick and helpful enough as long as you’re within the 10 AM to 9 PM CEST working hours. You can contact ComeOn in any of the following ways:

24/7 Live Chat:most contact seems to be funnelled into the live chat feature available anywhere on the site. Quick, effective, and seamless. If you send a message outside the usual working hours, you will receive an answer once customer service is open. That said, there is a sort of system in place that makes this method seem more like a contact form.

Email Support:Alternatively, you can send an e-mail to [email protected] It’s an altogether slower way to get in touch because it lacks the initial questionnaire, but it gets the job done.

Market & Odds

Sports betting offers are all about the sportsbook itself as far as most dedicated bettors are concerned. That said, the Comeon online sportsbook would have to be quite impressive to dampen some of the downsides we’ve seen so far.

Overall, it boasts around 25 different sports and categories for betting. It’s a fairly decent spread by any measure, covering everything from the classics like Premier League betting to bandy, darts, and other such niche markets. Like with most top online bookies, football betting is the biggest focus when it comes to coverage. Additionally, tennis bets appear to be a specific focus as well.

Lastly, we’ve noticed that cricket betting is another surprising highlight of this sportsbook. This is likely the result of ComeOn’s recent focus on sports betting in India – which is about the only place online cricket bets are big enough to warrant that kind of effort. US-oriented sports, on the other hand, are fairly overlooked. ComeOn cannot currently operate in the US, so this makes sense.

You can find the best betting offers on ComeOn to the top-left of the bet table. There are small sections there with special offers or the best betting odds with bonuses on the site. This is where you’ll also find services such as Virtual sports or esports betting. ComeOn gives esports more attention than most bookmakers of this calibre, but we wouldn’t call it an esports betting site by any means.

ComeOn odds and markets

As far as coverage goes, all of these sports combine into more than 60.000 events each month. The market selection is in line with the rest of the offer, focusing on fan-favourites like soccer and cricket. Top football betting events can boast upwards of 150 markets, including Asian Handicaps and obscure, alternative bets. The less-seen sports are usually limited to just a handful, but that’s fairly usual at this point.

The odds are rather uneven, though. Some are great, some are quite lacklustre – we’ll get into the details below in the section on bookmaker margins.

In-Play Betting

The online live sports betting section can be accessed through the menu at the top of the screen. The screen itself is much like most in-play betting sportsbooks, with a live score feed at all times. Most football betting events boast around 50 different markets each, which is respectable enough. High-profile games such as Champions League betting are a bit better off, as you might expect.

Interestingly, the live tennis betting section is especially impressive. Depending on the time in the season, you can find dozens of different matches at any given time. Large competitions such as Grand Slam tournament games can be bet on with more than 60 markets, which downright trumps most of the competition.

Overall, the live betting odds are highly competitive – perhaps more so than their prematch counterparts. Overall, live betting at ComeOn left a much better impression on us than the prematch bets. This is one of the few top betting sites whose offer of prematch sports is almost identical to in-play sports betting. Even small and niche markets like snooker and esports get at least some form of coverage.

ComeOn Live Streaming Offer

The ComeOn betting platform currently does not offer any form of online sports live streaming. It would have been an excellent addition considering the impressive live betting offers. We’ll stay on top of any news or possible changes in the future, though.

ComeOn Bookmaker Margin

A fair and reasonable bookmaker margin is necessary to get the best betting odds – and ComeOn stumbled in this department, sadly. The problem, however, is that the average margin doesn’t accurately represent the odds you’ll find for most games.

To explain, let’s use an example. The average bookmaker’s margin on ComeOn is 5.6% across the board. This seems great, but consider this – the average margin for soccer bets alone sits at 6.4%. At face value, this makes the odds worse than average across the industry. However, this margin is not applied to all sports and events. Large competitions sometimes get a 4% margin, for instance, while lower-tier leagues can go up to a whopping 10%. The same is true for different markets, which can be vastly different.

We can safely point out Asian Handicap bets as being the strongest offers on ComeOn, with margins sometimes as low as 3.2%.

As far as other sports are concerned, the disparity is even bigger. On one hand, ComeOn offers some of the best basketball betting odds on the market with a margin of just 2.9%. On the other hand, Ice Hockey averages at a horrible 9.0%.

Lastly, tennis and cricket – the two best sports for betting on ComeOn – average at a rather high 5.5%. If the bookies bumped these down a notch they could create one of the best tennis betting sites on the internet.

Overall Review

After our detailed bookmaker rating process, we came to mostly the same conclusions we opened with. ComeOn has the potential to be one of the best bookies online – especially if it keeps focusing on niches like tennis and cricket betting. However, some key issues are holding the site back from true greatness.

For one, the fees on all deposits are pretty much unacceptable and will throw off most bettors from the get-go. Secondly, while the odds themselves are not too bad, they need some balancing to have consistent margins across all events and markets. No one wants to feel like picking a bet is as much of a gamble as the bet itself.

The in-play section is a great example of ComeOn doing things right. Still, that isn’t enough to beat the fierce competition among top bookmakers online. With a little bit of effort, though, ComeOn could put some much bigger brands to shame.

How to open an account at ComeOn?

If you’re willing to look past some issues, ComeOn is offering several attractive new customer bonuses. The ComeOn bookmaker welcome bonus is somewhat lower than the casino promotion, but it’s a decent 100% matched bonus up to €30. A ComeOn registration bonus will also get you some freebies for services like the casino and unique WeSpin section, though.To get started, just follow the simple guide below:

ComeOn opening account procedure explained
  • Go to using any internet browser.
  • Click the “Open Account” button at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Start by providing your e-mail address and desired password.
  • Fill out the form with your full name, billing address, and phone number.
  • You’ll also be asked about your country of residence and desired currency.
  • You’ll need to agree with the ComeOn terms and conditions before finalizing the process.
  • You can immediately start betting after clicking “open account.” However, you’ll need to perform KYC verification before you can get your winnings. To do this, you’ll have to upload a picture or scan of your passport or ID.

ComeOn Review FAQ

Is the ComeOn betting site safe?

Yes. ComeOn operates under several international remote gambling licences, making it a legal online sports betting site. It also uses a well-known SBTech platform, which is known for its security.

Is there a ComeOn betting app?

No, ComeOn does not currently offer dedicated sports betting apps for Android or iOS. The site is fully optimised for use on mobile devices, though, and is quite suitable for betting on the go.

What is the maximum payout at ComeOn?

Most bets don’t have an upper limit to how much you can win. However, you can only withdraw up to €10,000 at a time.

How to close a ComeOn account?

To close your ComeOn sportsbook account, you’ll need to contact customer support, which can do this in a matter of minutes. Alternatively, the online bookmaker offers several options for self-exclusion in cases of possible problem gambling. You can find these on your account screen.

Are there any special ComeOn betting promotions?

Besides the 100% matched signup bonus, ComeOn offers a range of special bonuses and promotions. This includes a special moneyback bonus for Cricket bets. This promotion gives your stake back in the form of ComeOn free bets for one lost cricket bet per month. Another promotion is a regular Friday Giveaway, which randomly awards players free bets every Friday.

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