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After a promising post-promotion season in 2018/19, fans were hoping for a grand return to form for the Ankaran side.

This club was once a top-half Super Lig regular until a sudden double relegation left them unable to claw their way out of the third division. Even a return to form seems distant these days, though. The 17th placement from last year was barely enough to keep them afloat, and the 2020/21 Super Lig season doesn’t seem any better.

We’re a few legs into the season, and Ankaragucu have lost 6 out of their 8 games, the other 2 being draws. All in all, we’re looking at clear relegation favourites.

What little outright Super Lig betting odds are out there confirm this – top online bookmakers price an Ankaragucu victory this season at a crushing 4500.

Ankaragucu Key Players

Unsurprisingly, most of the lineup has been changed compared to last year, with little effect. The main issue here is that all of these players are unmotivated loaned players with almost no experience in the Turkish top flight. For instance, Idriz Voca is a promising young defender from Luzern, but his usual proficiency with high-block defensive play is barely noticeable.

Other recent additions include Assane Dioussé, another defensive midfielder from Saint-Étienne; and Joseph Paintsil, a winger from Gent. In theory, Saba Lobjanidze should also give Ankaragucu’s attacks plenty of width.

Centre-forward Jonathan Boling will be the one chiefly responsible for getting the ball to the net this year, alongside Torgeir Börven and a healthy crop of wingers coach Mustafa Dalci assembled over the summer.

Ankaragucu Rivalry

Ankaragucu and Genclerbirligi contest the Ankara Derby, and are therefore each other’s greatest rivals.

On the other hand, the club’s supporters have an unusually warm and friendly relationship with those of Bursaspor. A leader of Bursaspor’s ultras called Abdulkerim Bayraktar went to study in the capital around 1990, and during his time there he went to Ankaragucu’s games and started building ties between the two sets of supporters.

Bayraktar was killed in 1993, and his death brought the groups even closer together as Ankaragucu’s fans walked out onto the pitch carrying a banner which said “Our brother Abdul will never die, he lives on in our hearts”. Each of the two groups still chants in celebration of the other in every game.

Ankaragucu History

Though based in Ankara now, this club was actually founded in Istanbul in 1904, under the name of AltinorsIdman Yurdu. There are several theories as to why it moved to the capital, but none of them have ever been proved. The name Ankaragucu first arose in 1948, a year before they won their first national title by winning the Turkish Football Championship. It remains their greatest ever league success.

They were among the 16 original competitors in what is now the Super Lig, remaining in the top flight for eight years. After that, a yo-yo period began, during which they moved up and down between the top divisions with relative frequency.

In 1981, Turkish president Kenan Evren and Ankara governor Mustafa Gonul made a political decision to put Ankaragucu back into the top flight as they wanted a club from the capital there, and FIFA had no authority to prevent it at the time. They managed to stay there until a heavy financial crisis saw them drop down in 2012, and it took them six years to climb back up again.

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