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Dijon Rivalry

As things stand, Dijon haven’t exactly got a football rival in the top tier of French football. Being a relatively young club with a short history in Ligue 1, Dijon have yet to forge notable adversaries. However, AJ Auxerre from Ligue 2 are worth mentioning as Dijon’s local rivals.

The two clubs contest what’s universally called the Derby de Bourgogne. Additionally, this derby might also include a third side from the Burgundy region – FC Gueugnon. This club is currently sitting deep in the third level of French football and is not exactly a notable rival for either of the two clubs.

Dijon History

Historically speaking, Dijon was first founded in 1913 when the football section of Dijon Secular Club was formed. However, the city of Dijon struggled to promote a side that would bring both city and region to the football map of France.

It was in 1998 when Dijon FC merged with Cercle Sportif Laique Dijonnais in an effort to provide the city with a single football entity. Originally called Dijon Football Cote-d’Or (DFCO), the new club reached Ligue 2 in 2004 and joined the top-tier of French football in 2011 for the first time in their history. Their Ligue 1 spell was short-lived as Dijon returned to Ligue 2 the very next year.

However, after four years back in the second division, Dijon were promoted back to Ligue 1 in 2016 where they intend to remain as long as possible, despite the odds speaking against them.

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