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Paços de Ferreira Predictions Stats
  • Number of Bets: 26
  • Winning Bets: 12
  • Average Odds: 1.93
  • Overall Stake : 190
  • Profit: 164.1
  • Yield: -13.63 %

Pacos Ferreira betting

Pacos Ferreira Odds

Though The Beavers are a relative established Primera Liga side, consistency is not really their strong suit.

Over the past 7 seasons, they could be found anywhere on the table between 3rd spot and relegation. That said, the fact they ended up in the Segunda in 2018/19 is seen as something of a blunder. They quickly regrouped and recorded a respectable 13th-place finish last year. Most Pacos Ferreira betting predictions are expecting similar results this year – somewhere in the bottom half.

In terms of outright Primeira Liga betting, though, that’s not really helpful information. A To Win bet – which is pretty much the only outright for this league available on most sportsbooks – Pacos are priced at around 1000.

As you may have guessed, victory is all but impossible. For match betting, though, they have a bit of a pattern. The overall score of 36/52 last season indicates that they have trouble getting the ball in the net. Their concession rate is a bit above average for that part of the table as well.

Pacos Ferreira Key Players

The backbone of this year’s squad was formed with some strategic loans.

Though the individual skill of the players is beyond question, they haven’t had a lot of time to learn how to work as a team. This puts most wagers on this club in a precarious position, especially when you consider their overall instability.

Some of these loans include right-winger Luther Singh, and up-and-coming young player from Braga known for his snappy assists. Stephen Eustáquio was brought in as a defensive midfielder, while Bruno Costa will be donning the yellow kit as a central midfielder.

Pacos Ferreira Rivalry

Given that the city of Pacos de Ferreira is located in the district of Porto, the games between them and the 28-time Portuguese champions usually have an extra edge to them, though strictly of local character. There cannot, of course, be any mention of a proper rivalry here – the difference in size between FC Porto and Pacos Ferreira is simply too vast.

Pacos Ferreira History

Pacos Ferreira is one of the younger clubs in Portugal. It was officially founded in 1950, but their roots go all the way back to 1930s, when they were called SC Pacense but without any official recognition. They later used the name of Futebol Clube Vasco da Gama, until they were admitted to the lower divisions in 1950 and changed their name to Futebol Clube Pacos de Ferreira.

The club fought its way through the third and second divisions for most of the first half of their existence, and not until the 1990s did they establish themselves as a proper top-tier side. Apart from 2004/05 and 2018/19, they have been a constant presence in the Primeira Liga since. They made it into the finals of the Taca de Portugal (Portuguese Cup) in 2009 and the Taca de Liga (League Cup) in 2011, but their biggest achievement to date is certainly the third place in the Primeira Liga which they nailed, along with the subsequent place in the Champions League qualifications, in 2013.

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