Ladbrokes Review

Ladbrokes review

Ladbrokes launched its betting service in 1999. During the course of the years, it has been through many ups and downs. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and that’s exactly the mantra Ladbrokes lives by. 

In any Betting Fellow’s book, an operator such as Ladbrokes sits at the very top of the shelf. Widely recognised as one of the most reputable betting brands out there, this bookmaker is a name you can trust to provide you with nothing but a supreme betting experience. Ladbrokes is a fearless operator.

Never looking to imitate and copy what other members of the industry find fitting and appropriate, Ladbrokes is playing by their own rules. Actually, this operator is setting the rules. In this in-depth Ladbrokes review, your Betting Fellow will guide through the essentials about the company and try to explain why a strong, independent company such as Ladbrokes deserves your trust.

Old but Gold!

Ladbrokes review

Ladbrokes is one of the oldest bookmakers in the business known for their great platform and a lot of premium betting services. 

Despite not having the best odds compared to the biggest of bookies out there, admittedly, they offer other benefits which will provide you with quite enough juice for your money. Ladbrokes betting exchange service, a wide range of sports, an impressive market offer and promo plan definitely make the list. Ladbrokes is a complete option that offers a traditional approach to online betting but with a modern twist. Not only does Ladbrokes packs plenty of betting options to choose from, this premium betting service comes with an easy-on-the-eyes interface which is more than enough to make your betting experience even more pleasant.

Ladbrokes is currently partnering with another betting behemoth, Coral, and boasts a team of over 17,000 employees. If you are looking for a conventional bookie with an enormous sportsbook, various betting methods, outstanding reputation, and every type of gaming and casino product out there, you should look no further.

Licensing & Safety

Ladbrokes is regulated and licensed by the Licensing Authority of Gibraltar.  In order to comply with their licensing agreements, Ladbrokes must:

Ladbrokes set of rules
  • Guarantee that anyone suffering from problems related to gambling is provided with adequate help.
  • Secure that all of their users are treated fairly and that their service is transparent.
  • Make sure that only people of legal age can access and use their gambling services.

In 2016 Ladbrokes merged with Coral to form the Ladbrokes Coral Group which was later bought out by GVC Holdings. GVC is a publicly traded company, and any misinformation about their practices could be treated as a felony. Due to the nature of their business, all of their actions must be transparent and open to the public. This guarantees that your money and personal data will be treated in the best possible way. 

Deposit and Withdrawals

Ladbrokes deposit

Ladbrokes has provided its users with a broad spectrum of banking methods. They cover everything from bank transfers, debit cards, to popular e-wallet services, and offer a lot of currencies to choose from. It is worth noting that you must stick to the one you selected when making your account. The required minimum deposits differ in regard to the chosen banking method and currency. In general, card payments are the best option for new punters. Their lowest limit stands at just £5 and they also hold the title of the fastest source of payment.  The selection of methods is a rather wide one and even includes Apple pay, a newcomer in the world of cashless transactions.

Ladbrokes will allow you to withdraw funds using all of the methods you can deposit with, with cheques being the only exception of this practice. All withdrawals are free of charge, but depending on your bank, a small percentage may be deducted. Transactions are processed swiftly and can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the time of the day. Banking methods are by far the slowest. It usually takes from 5-28 working days for them to be fully processed and completed. 

If you prefer e-wallets and other online services, we have good news for you. They will transfer the funds to your required account in no time. Ladbrokes are notorious for being among the fastest in this department. Paypal, Neteller and Skill transaction will be handled with ease and in a matter of a few hours. However, during a heavy workload, it may take some additional time for them to complete. One of the best offers in their arsenal is that withdrawals can be reversed during this short window. If you were ever to change your mind, this would save you some of your hard-earned cash. Maximum and minimum withdrawal amounts fluctuate by payment arrangement. The maximum is set at £55,000 (by card per transaction) and the minimum stands at £5.

Customer Support

Their customer service is among the better ones in the industry. Should you ever encounter a problem, someone will be there to assist you 24/7. They offer a few methods of contacting their representatives. Some of the more convenient ones would be:

24/7 Live Chat: It offers live support that is available in a matter of minutes. If you were ever to come across a problem that needs immediate assistance, Live chat would be your best option.

Email Support: For those looking for support with a question or a problem that has not already been answered, a simple email will do a trick. Ladbrokes promises to reply to emails in 48 hours or less, and while this is a long period of time for an industry as fast-paced as betting, Ladbrokes rarely takes the full period to get back to you.

Market & Odds

If size matters to you, then you’ve come to the right place. The range of betting markets that Ladbrokes offers is second to none. If having a wide range of options to choose from is your main criteria, you’ll love this company. 

Ladbrokes has taken the title of the biggest retail bookmaker in the world. Their revenues exceed £2 billion annually. With this kind of resources, Ladbrokes certainly has the pocket to offer decent odds and amazing promotions. With football being their most popular section, it brings the most favourable margins.

Ladbrokes odds

They tend to present their users with fair and regular odds on thousands of markets out there. If you've got a niche section that you enjoy waging on, consider using Ladbrokes over the other bookies as this particular betting venue is sure to have you covered and the probability is high that they will cover those markets with advantageous odds. It is certainly worth considering them as one of your favourite bookmakers. Ladbrokes have widened their field of enhanced odds and promotions and now offer daily price boosts on practically anything. Things of this nature won’t impact your bank account right now, but in the long run, it is bound to stack up.

In-Play Betting

Ladbrokes in-play betting

Their in-play offer is rather broad, with a vast list of available sports markets to choose from each day. Ladbrokes in-play betting platform provides punters with one of the best live betting experiences available in this global industry. Ladbrokes have practically perfected their platform and they are two steps above the competition in this field. Their in-play layout and design are practical, informative, and simple at the same time. As such, it offers the best environment that would satisfy even the most demanding users.

No matter which league you prefer, Ladbrokes has got you covered. This is particularly the case if you love waging on the Premier League, the Champions League or other top European football competitions. If there’s a contest taking place right now, there’s a real possibility that Ladbrokes has a live betting market available for it. You name it, they have it. For this reason, Ladbrokes constantly gets great reviews from their customers who enjoy in-play betting whilst also watching their preferred matches.

Ladbrokes Live Streaming Offer

Ladbrokes is a big presence in the world of sport. As such, they managed to get a few significant sponsorships deals and with them, licences for some of the biggest sporting events. So what does it take for you to get access to their live streaming services? In all honesty, not much. With Ladbrokes you would just need a positive balance on your account. Things like placing a bet in the past 24 hours is a thing of past with this online bookie.

Whichever event you wish to watch, there’s a good chance that it will be available at Ladbrokes' live streaming service. If you’re a football fan you can watch dozens of leagues from across Europe and the world. They also cover other markets like tennis, basketball and plenty more.

There is an almost endless amount of sports affairs to watch via Ladbrokes live streams service. Whichever category you love betting on, you'll be able to watch them virtually free of charge thanks to Ladbrokes. Their services are also available on their Ladbrokes online betting app.

Ladbrokes Bookmaker Margin

Ladbrokes is one of the leading online bookmakers on the planet. They handle more betting volume than the majority of their rivals. For this reason, Ladbrokes has average margins that are more favourable compared to other members of the industry. Overall, they have a 6% margin which makes its payout percentage hovering around 94%.

With a favourable betting margin and an average payout numbers, followed by their huge markets, Ladbrokes has secured its spot as one of the most popular online bookmakers. If these kinds of services and benefits are your cup of tea, make sure to check them out. We have been their users for quite some time and have never regretted making that choice.

Overall Review

Ladbrokes remain an absolute giant of the global betting industry. Despite not providing the best of the best odds and margins, their customer base remains loyal. There clearly is something about this betting company that they appreciate.

Ladbrokes reputation and ranking are second to none when it comes to the online betting markets. They have a palette of great features, promotions, and one of the best customer support systems. Ladbrokes has more deposit and withdrawal methods than most brands in this industry. There is an extensive list of choices for just about every payment system.

Historically, Ladbrokes built its company on providing betting services, originally on horse and greyhound racing. They are now expanding into virtually all areas you can think of as well. Their constant striving for innovation and passion for sports overall has made a clear difference. In its core, Ladbrokes is a website made by punters, for punters

Ladbrokes New Customer Guide

In order to start your punter career with Ladbrokes, you’ll first need to make and verify an account. The registration process is rather simple and will only take a few moments of your time. You Betting Fellow has outlined the most important steps needed to finish the procedure:

Top Reasons To Bet at Ladbrokes
  • Go to the official Ladbrokes website and select your preferred language.
  • Click “Join Now” on the top right corner of the screen.
  • Fill out the registration form with the correct information required. Be sure to double-check your info as it needs to be accurate in order to verify the account later.
  • You should have gotten a welcome e-mail by now. Confirm your account and proceed to the identity verification page.
Ladbrokes open account

All done? Congratulations! You can now start your punter career with Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes FAQs

1. What is Ladbrokes maximum payout?

Ladbrokes has some of the best pay-out offers out there. Wagering limits are quite generous with this prominent online bookmaker. They have a couple of pay-out groups depending on the popularity and demand of the market. The biggest football competitions, such as the Premier League or the Champions League have an upper limit of £1 million. After that, the second category has a max cap of £500k and includes the likes of Championship, Dutch Eredivisie, etc. Other football competitions top out at £250k or £100k. Only a handful of companies come close to the £1 million mark in maximum payouts, and for that reason, Ladbrokes is rightfully one of the industry leaders. 

2. Is there a Ladbrokes Android app?

Ladbrokes have a mobile version of their website as well as Ladbrokes Sports Betting App. Alongside an IOS app, a new and redesigned Android application has recently been released. A dedicated Ladbrokes Exchange App exist as well if you were ever to need it.

Ladbrokes offers one of the best mobile betting experiences. The design that they went with is simple and informative at the same time. It is minimalism at its best. You can do everything with just a few taps on your screen. Sign up, deposit funds, place bets, watch live streaming sport and bet live in play all from your preferred mobile device.

3. How long does it take to withdraw money from Ladbrokes account?

Withdrawals at Ladbrokes take a different amount of time, depending on the selected payment options. Online banking services are the fastest ones and bank transfers and cheques are the slowest. On average, a withdraw to credit/debit cards takes from 1-5 Working days, for online banking services less than 24 hours, and any kind of bank transactions can take anywhere from 5-28 working days, due to the bureaucracy involved.

4. Does Ladbrokes offer Cash-Out?

Ladbrokes has always managed to keep up with their competitors and most of the time, they were the ones being followed. Over the years, they have implemented all the services and options that a punter needs. The cash-out system that they use has shown to be reliable, fair, and transparent. If you have wagered a bet that qualifies for cash out you have the option to settle your bet early for a fixed value. This can be done before the affair starts or at any given point in it.

5. Can Ladbrokes be trusted?

Ladbrokes was and to this day remains one of the safest online platforms. They use a number of cutting-edge techniques as well as the prominent Verisign Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for this purpose. They have nailed the right formula and there haven't had any security breaches in their history. If you wish that the safety of your resources and data is pristine, Ladbrokes is the optimal choice.