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Arminia Bielefeld Rivalry

Despite a fairly under-the-radar history, this club has accrued a couple of rivalries over the decades. The most traditional one is with SC Preußen Münster, which was the most-watched showdown in the 3rd league – which was Arminia’s home for years.

They also have a friendly local rivalry with fellow Bielefelders VfB Fichte Bielefeld (thought that club changed a few names over the years.) Though they are currently at vastly different levels of the German football league system, a friendly local derby is staged every year.

They can also boast several other local rivalries with smaller clubs from the Ruhr area of Westphaliam, such as the one with VfL Bochum. Few of these are worth mentioning, though.

Additionally, Bielefeld’s supporters have famously good relations with Hamburger SV fans, with whom they share team colours.

Arminia Bielefeld History

The sports club was founded in 1905 by 14 members of the local bourgeoisie. Over the next few decades, they started competing in local competitions, culminating in a West German Championship title in 1922. A few titles followed in the next decade or so, but the rapidly changing league system resulted in several league and divisional changes.

The restructuring of the leagues finally allowed them to display consistent growth until their first promotion to the Bundesliga in 1969. They didn’t stick around too far, though, and were quickly relegated to the second level of the league system. Most of their history from then on is spent right here, in the Zwei Bundesliga. To be fair, though, they have a bit of a reputation as a “yo-yo” team.

Arminia Bielefield fans are especially proud of the traditional team colours – blue, white, and black. These days, though, the kit is mostly black with blue and white lines.

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