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  • Average Odds: 2.5
  • Overall Stake : 359
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  • Yield: -26.02 %

Arsenal betting (2020 Updated)

Arsenal Odds

The Gunners had a reputation for being a fairly consistent team – though they may have shattered that reputation last season. The 8th position was the worst result since Stewart Houston’s infamous blunder in 1995, which may as well be called a disaster for a team of Arsenal’s renown. To make things even stranger, they turned around and won the FA Cup by beating some of the teams that crushed them during the regular season.

So what can we expect from them in 2020/21? Top online bookmakers price a Top 4 Finish at 2.87 (compared to last year’s 1.8), but even that seems a tad optimistic. Our advice is to hold off on backing Arsenal until we see clear evidence of improvement. The fact that coach Mikel Arteta stayed on board is a bit of a surprise, but he may find redemption yet.

Arsenal Key Players

Analysts point at Arsenal’s squad composition as their biggest problem last season. It’s not the individual players that are the issue, though – it’s that these world-class players were thrown together with little regard for how it’s all supposed to fit together. With that in mind, several changes were made over the summer that should improve overall performance.

Atletico Madrid’s defensive midfielder Thomas was brought in as the biggest signing of the summer. His presence is expected to solidify Mikel Artera’s midfield and offer an additional buffer for the Arsenal front line led by the club captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang., Defensive position isn’t the only part of the formation that was affected – Chelsea’s right-winger Willian will be there to help the already impressive lineup of strikers and forwards.

As far as departures are concerned, the most notable one is goalkeeper Emiliano Martínez who went to Aston Villa. Bernd Leno remains the best choice of goalie for Arteta, though, and rightfully so.

Arsenal Rivalry

The London-based club will naturally have plenty of rivalries with other clubs from the nation’s capital. With the emergence of Chelsea as the Premier League superpower – from the financial point of view – two strongest clubs from London weighed some memorable battles.

Historically speaking, two managerial legends of the Premier LeagueArsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson – forged a memorable rivalry during the late 1990s and early 2000’s. However, the undeniable biggest rivals of Arsenal are Tottenham Hotspur.

Geographical proximity might be a notable factor behind the rivalry at its base level. Nevertheless, the North London Derby – as matches between Arsenal and Tottenham are called – emerged to prominence back in 1919 when there was a vote on who should earn the promotion to the 1st Division. Slightly suspiciously, Arsenal got the vote while Tottenham got relegated. From that point onward, the two clubs would head into each and every season trying to outdo one another. In fact, the day Tottenham can no longer catch Arsenal in the league table is officially celebrated by Gunners as St Totteringham’s Day. Ultimately, this should give you a clear idea of how big and intense this particular rivalry is.

The North London rivalry grew even bigger with several players switching sides – Sol Campbell or Emmanuel Adebayor – during the modern times. As a result, matches between these clubs are incredibly intense by default, bringing plenty of on-pitch and off-pitch drama.

Arsenal History

The Gunners stand tall as one of the longest-acting top-division members. Arsenal only got relegated once in their history – in 1913 – not even once, however, under the name of Arsenal. That being said, it’s worth mentioning that first emerged in October 1886, as Dial Square. Named after the heart of the Royal Arsenal complex, it was only a month later that the club was renamed into Royal Arsenal F.C.

In 1892, the club was once again renamed, into Woolwich Arsenal. Soon after sustaining relegation, the club moved to their historic Highbury stadium. As a result, the club changed their name for the third – and final time – into simply Arsenal. Having changed their name on three occasions, Arsenal also had several versions of the club crest. The modern badge and home colours have, however, featured similar details – normally incorporating a cannon and overwhelming nuances of red.

Today, Arsenal play their home games in Holloway, where their modern 60,000 seater called Emirates Stadium is situated. It is the fourth-largest stadium in England, well deserving for a club of such grand stature and reputation.

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