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Crystal Palace Rivalry

With no evident correlation between them – such as geographic proximity or economic, social and cultural differences – Crystal Palace and Brighton & Hove Albion are one of England’s unlikely rivalries. The feud between these two clubs had been ignited at the time when Terry Venables and Alan Mullery were in charge of Crystal Palace and Brighton, respectively. The two men were already fierce rivals – although never enemies – going back to their time as Tottenham teammates. And then by the summer of 1977, the two men let their rivalry spill over to the clubs they were in charge of, sparking what had then become the irrevocable animosity. Both Venables and Mullery had been, at the time, instructed to do the same – promote their team from the Third Division. In the end, both teams were indeed promoted but did so on the back of a couple of fiercely-contested matches which even saw Brighton manager enter the Palace dressing room and insult Venables’ team by throwing five pounds of the ground. The rivalry continued during the next season when both sides were vying for the promotion into the top tier of English football. As a rivalry fuelled by the unusually fierce relationship between former teammates, the A23 and M23 Derby is still a highly-anticipated clash.

Crystal Palace History

Crystal Palace are a club of great history, playing their first games as early as 1861 at the famous Crystal Palace park area. Originally an amateur football outfit, Crystal Palace Football Club was officially founded in 1905, however. As the founding members of the Football League Third Division, Crystal Palace marked their debut in the competition by winning it. As such, they joined the likes of Preston North End and Liverpool as the only clubs to ever win a championship in their maiden seasons as a professional club. The Eagles have had their fair share of ups and downs throughout the history, bouncing back and forth between divisions, but also featuring in the FA Cup finals and throwing a league title challenge in early 90s. Moreover, they went through two administrations in early 2000s, only to establish themselves as a solid Premier League presence in modern times. Playing their games at Selhurst Park in front of 25,500 people, Crystal Palace are also known for having one of the loudest and most loyal fan groups in the league. Predominantly composed of supporters from South London, Kent and Surrey, the Crystal Palace fans are passionately backing their team in every single game.

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