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  • Number of Bets: 37
  • Winning Bets: 17
  • Average Odds: 1.99
  • Overall Stake : 268
  • Profit: 226.94
  • Yield: -15.32 %

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Hatayspor Rivalry

Given that this club was formed as a combination of the Hatay province’s most prominent club, they have little in the way of local rivals. However, a few clubs emerged as their biggest rivals, though it’s questionable how valid these rivalries are nowadays.

Ankara Demirspor was one of Hatayspor’s most consistent competitors during their time in Lig 2. The two teams could often be found vying for promotion to Lig 2. Similarly, Adana Demirspor are a fairly consistent Lig 1 team that often clashed with Hatayspor.

Hatayspor History

Hatayspor was founded in the province of Hatay, which is geographically Turkey’s southernmost province. The club under the current name dates back to 1967 when it was created as a result of a merger between Kurtuluşspor - Esnafspor and Reyhanlı Genclikspor. The constituent clubs came from all over the province and realized that they’ll have little chance of achieving notable results on their own in Turkey’s highly centralized football scene.

Initially placed in the 3rd league, they quickly rose through the ranks to the second-flight. Over the next few decades, though, their position in Turkey’s football league system was uncertain between Lig 1 and Lig 2. Generally, promotions to the 2nd flight were cause for celebration. This all ended with the turn of the 21st century, though. The next 15 years were a period of mediocrity, with Hatayaspor stuck in the third-tier Lig 2.

However, under manager Ilhan Palut, they managed a string of unprecedented successes, landing them right back in the upper half of Lig 1. They dominated the second flight and, after just 2 seasons in Lig 1, were promoted to the Super Lig for the first time in history.

Hatayspor kits are bright white with burgundy detailing. Their crest features the club colours with a green bay leaf.

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