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  • Number of Bets: 37
  • Winning Bets: 14
  • Average Odds: 2.43
  • Overall Stake : 265
  • Profit: 203.86
  • Yield: -23.07 %

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After a brief stint in Serie B, Hellas came back to Italy’s top flight last season with a vengeance.

With Ivan Jurić at the helm, they stormed out of the second-tier league for some of the most convincing results we’ve seen from Verona in decades. Two consecutive Top 10 seasons are impressive enough for a freshly promoted team – but a pitched battle for a Europea League qualification is not something anyone saw coming.

They didn’t end up going to Europe, but the overall impression is one of a team punching way above their weight class. A Top 10 Finish bet can be found priced at 2.40, which are very short odds considering the current Trend for Verona. If you’re up for taking risks, you might want to even consider a Europa League qualification bet.

It’s a longshot, but if any team is likely to make a major upset in the 2020/21 Serie A season – it’s Verona.

Verona Key Players

Due to a lack of quality forwards and limited means of acquiring new ones, Jurić employes an interesting midfield-heavy formation. Though officially 3-4-2-1, the lineup looks more like a 3-6-2-1 in practice, which is not something you see often in world-class football these days.

Due to the approach’s proven flexibility and effectiveness, the roster has been stacked with a fresh set of natural midfielders on loan. Marco Benassi, Antonin Barak, and Ronaldo Vieira are perfect examples of this, though one begins to wonder how many central midfielders is too many central midfielders.

The defence hinges around goalkeeper Marco Silvestri, who recorded 9 clean sheets in the previous season. That said, Davide Faraoni has proven to be another important part of the lineup in the position of right-back, giving the squad some depth as well as width.

Verona Rivalry

Hellas Verona inner-city rival Chievo is regarded as their fiercest competitor. However, since the first clash between these two teams in Serie A took place not that long ago, in 2001, this rivalry is not strong like the other inner-city derbies in Italy. This is the youngest Serie A city derby as well. Apart from Chievo, which also got relegated, they mostly have rivals in the lower Italian leagues. For example, Juve Stabia, Livorno or Vincenza, while their main Serie A rivals include Brescia, Napoli, Genoa and Atalanta.

Verona History

Hellas Verona are one of the oldest Italian clubs. Their humble beginnings started in 1903, when the club was founded by a bunch of high school students. The name Hellas was requested of a professor of classics (the Greek word for Greece). After playing only regional football and merging with several inner-city rivals, Hellas Verona struggled to make an impact in Campionato Nazionale, which was the Serie A predecessor. After the professional league was formed, Hellas Verona needed 28 years to finally earn their promotion to Serie A. Verona were mostly going up and down during the 1970s. It was in the 1980s that they enjoyed the most success and won their only Italian title. It was in 1984/85 season, which is one of the most surprising years in Italian football history. Verona came out of nowhere to win the title, while Juventus and Roma, the most successful Italian teams at the time, finished outside the top five. Verona played two Coppa Italia finals in the 1980s as well, but they lost both, against Napoli and Roma. After an 11-year absence, Verona regained promotion to Serie A in 2013. They managed to stay in the league but got relegated the very next year. In what became a pattern since then, Verona w time achieving promotion from Serie B and suffering instant relegation in the following year.

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