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Hull Rivalry

Hull City fans mostly regard Leeds United as their biggest rival, though tradition says Sheffield United are right up there as well. In 1984, Hull only just missed out on promotion to United, with 33 of the Blades’ goals coming from Keith Edwards, former Hull striker.

There are also rivalries with the likes of Scunthorpe United and Grimsby Town, but those teams rarely play at the same level as Hull.

Hull History

Hull City Association Football Club (Hull City A.F.C.) was founded in 1904, with several previous attempts at establishing a football club there failing due to the affections of the sports public being mostly turned towards rugby, and they were admitted to the Football League Second Division the following year.

The club spent its entire existence in the 20th century outside of England’s top flight, hovering between the second and third tiers. In the mid-1990s, they suffered a heavy financial crisis, coming very close to liquidation and they only avoided it by selling off their best players at the time, Alan Fettis and Dean Windass.

But after former Leeds United commercial director Adam Pearson stepped in and bought the club, things started improving gradually. Funds were invested both into the team and the infrastructure, and stability, as well as the relief that comes with being free of liquidation fears, was felt on the pitch as well.

The club earned their first ever top-tier promotion as they broke into the Premier League in 2008, and now it’s another period of their history where they’re going up and down, but this time between the top two flights.

Their greatest success ever was arguably reaching the FA Cup final in 2014, which they lost to Arsenal.

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