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Manchester City Predictions Stats
  • Number of Bets: 51
  • Winning Bets: 20
  • Average Odds: 2.4
  • Overall Stake : 374
  • Profit: 289.75
  • Yield: -22.53 %

Manchester City betting (2020 updated)

Manchester City Odds

Man City went into the 2019/20 season as hard favourites after a historic triumph of taking two consecutive titles. The fact that they lost the silverware to Liverpool was not nearly as surprising as the scathing 18-point difference on the league table. Despite scoring more than 100 goals throughout the last season, they displayed a tendency to crumble under pressure, which eventually cost them the title.

Moreover, redemption on an international level continues to elude Pep Guardiola and his men. Don’t get the wrong impression, though – the Citizens’ chances of winning the season are second only to the reigning champions.

At betting odds of 2.50 for an Outright Premier League win, they’ll be favoured in almost every matchup England’s top-flight can throw at them. Considering the fact that back-to-back titles are a rare thing in this league, they may come out on top yet.

Manchester City Key Players

If it wasn’t already made clear by the 100 goals we mentioned, Man City’s main strength is their attacking superiority. The other side of the pitch isn’t trailing too far behind, though, as the 35 total concessions are the second-best defensive performance in 2019/20.

So what’s their secret? For starters, an absolutely beastly lineup of some of the world’s best players. Not only does Manchester City boast a strong starting XI, but they also have great options for stand-ins on almost every position. This squad outshines every other team on the table in terms of sheer market value by a considerable margin. Pep Guardiola worked hard to make a tightly-knit, lethal squad capable of going toe-to-toe with any team on the planet.

As such, it’s hard to pinpoint just a few players as the most important. Kevin De Bruyne is 2019/20’s player of the season, so his mastery on the ball needs no introduction. Other midfielders such as Rodri and Phil Foden fit together perfectly for Guardiola's possession-based approach, especially in tandem with powerful wings with players like Raheem Sterling and Bernardo Silva. Leroy Sané’s departure to Bayern is one of the summer’s most high-profile transfers. However, Rúben Dias will be reinforcing the Citizen’s backs this year, with Guardiola hoping to address the common criticisms of his defence.

Manchester City Rivalry

The blue side of Manchester has no dilemma regarding the biggest rivalry of their beloved club. Manchester City, as things naturally go, nurture the greatest contempt towards their city rivals – Manchester United. Initially forged during the Victorian times, the Manchester derby has never been fiercer than it is today.

With the emergence of Citizens as England’s main force following the 2008 takeover by the City Football Group, the red side of Manchester began to take notice of their ‘noisy neighbours’. It wasn’t long before Pep Guardiola came to guide his team to 100 league points and record-breaking achievements, however, further fuelling the rivalry and taking it to completely new heights. United also remain the club City have the worst record against, even though the overall balance is shifting towards the Citizens as of late.

As far as other rivalries go, Manchester City also have fiercely contested affairs against Liverpool, but also Tottenham. The rivalry between City and Spurs has been a healthy one, with both clubs going through a steady rise in recent rise. After all, both sets of supporters still have great memories of City’s 4-3 FA Cup comeback from 2004.

Manchester City History

The blue club of Manchester was founded in 1880 under the name of St. Mark’s (West Gorton). Seven years later, the club was renamed into Ardwick Association Football Club, while it wasn’t until 1894 that Citizens adopted the name we today know them under.

Manchester City played their home games at Maine Road since 1923 to 2003, when back-to-back champions of England moved to their impressive City of Manchester Stadium. With a capacity of 55,000, the stadium still lacks the atmosphere found elsewhere in the Premier League. City’s supporters gather under the Manchester City F.C. Supporters Club since 2010. Blue Moon is considered to be the club’s unofficial anthem.

Appearing in their traditional sky blue and white colours, City have had a fair share of changes when it comes to their away kit. Unlike with other Premier League powerhouses, the origin of City’s colour of choice is unknown. However, the records do show that the second Manchester-based club have been playing in sky blue since 1892. City’s current badge has been implemented in 2016, whereas the club had the total of three different versions before that.

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