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Manchester United Rivalry

On the back of a historic and economic rivalry between the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, there also arose one of the greatest rivalries in football. Once Manchester built the ‘Manchester Ship Canal’ to bypass Liverpool from dock export business, the gaps between the two cities and – consequently – clubs was created. Back in the old times of 1800s, football was a worker’s game. Therefore, the hatred between the two sets of supporters was only the natural consequence.

Modern times brought little change to the relationship between the two English heavyweights. However, it did see a shift of focus with the money-fuelled growth of United’s ‘noisy neighbours’ – Manchester City. The city rivalry is always special in its own merit. However, Manchester United also had plenty of heated contests with Leeds United.

Ultimately, in terms of numbers and records, Arsenal can be considered a rival worth mentioning. Ever since their own renaissance during the early 2000s and the Invincibles, Arsenal slowly became the Premier League club which tormented Manchester United the most.

Manchester United History

Founded in 1878, Manchester United stand proudly as England’s most successful football club with a record 20 titles. The three-time Champions League winners are one of the most recognisable brands around the globe which started its long road to worldwide glory under the name of LYR Football Club, playing initial games against railway departments and companies.

It was in 1902 the club adopted the name we know it under today, and moved to the iconic Old Trafford ground where their first-ever league titles was won six years later. Moreover, upon the relocation, Manchester United also charged their colours and introduced red shirts, white shorts and black socks. This ultimately became Manchester United’s standard home kit.

The club’s rich history deserves essays instead of paragraphs. As one of the most popular football clubs in the world and one of the highest average home attendances in European football, the Red Devils are officially supported from over 200 recognised branches of the Manchester United Supporters Club (MUSC).

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