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Napoli rival clubs are mostly situated in the South Italy. Derby delle Due Sicilie against Palermo is the most significant for Napoli fans, as well as the matches against other Italian clubs from the south, such as Bari, Cagliari and Catania. However, most of these teams are not in Serie A at the moment, and the biggest derby in recent years is Derby del Sole, against Roma. These two clubs fought for the second place on the table for the last five years, so it's not strange to see this rivalry becoming more significant in the last decade. Of course, like every other major club in Italy, Napoli consider Juventus as one of their biggest rivals. As well as the matches against Roma, the matches against Juventus regained significance in the last couple of years.

Napoli History

Napoli are one of the oldest and the most successful clubs in Italy, in terms of the time spent in the top tier competition. This will be their 75th season in Serie A, and they spent only 14 years in lower divisions. The club won two Serie A titles in the late 1980s, led by one of the best footballers in the history of football, Diego Armando Maradona. He arrived in Naples in 1984 and he was welcomed by 75 thousand fans at the San Paolo stadium. Dubbed as the savior, he indeed saved the club and won the first title ever for any south Italian club! The tensions between the North and the South were at the peak during the 1980s and winning the title meant the world for the Neapolitans. The celebrations lasted for a week and the city was literally turned upside down. During the Maradona era, Napoli won both Serie A titles and they were also runner-ups twice. The Partenopei also won the Coppa Italia in 1987, the UEFA Cup in 1989 and the Italian Supercup in 1990.

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