Netherlands Eredivisie predictions and odds

Knowing which matches to bet on is half the work when it comes to online sports betting. To that end, having as many options as possible is fundamental to finding value bets. You can’t just stay in your comfort zone if you’re trying to profit with online betting – you’ll need at least some knowledge of different leagues, teams, and players from all over the world.

To help you out, BettingFellow has compiled some useful information about different football leagues so you at least have a basic idea of what to expect. In this article, we’ll take a look at Eredivisie or the Dutch Premier Division. Keep reading for a comprehensive overview of Eredivisie’s biggest teams and players, as well as other useful information for betting on Eredivisie football matches.

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Netherlands Eredivisie Predictions

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Netherlands Eredivisie Results

Eredivisie History and General Info

As you might already know, Eredivisie is the top professional football league in the Netherlands. It was founded back in 1956, just a couple of years after football appeared on a professional level in the country. In the current season, UEFA ranks it as the ninth-best national football league in Europe.

This league changed a few names during the 90s and 2000s. For a while, depending on the main sponsors, it was called the PTT Telecompetitie, KPN Telecompetitie, and KPN Eredivisie, and even the Holland Casino Eredivisie. Currently, however, it has no brand names attached to the league’s name. Its rights are instead in the hands of the American media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and will be until around 2025.

Similarly to a lot of other leagues on the continent, this division is made up of the 18 best professional football teams in the Netherlands. At the end of each season, the two teams at the bottom of Eredivisie’s rankings are relegated to the second level of the Dutch football league system – EersteDivisie. Conversely, the two highest-ranking teams in the EersteDivisie are promoted to replace them. The 16th ranked team goes to separate promotion play-offs, in which they compete against another eight highly ranked teams from the lower division.

Eredivisie follows a fairly simple basic structure. It starts off in an 18-way Round Robin, played during 34 match days, starting in August and lasting to around early May. Only the top four teams qualify for the championship playoffs. Out of these four, the team which wins the playoffs automatically qualifies for the 1st playoff round of the UEFA Champions League qualifiers. The second team goes to the 2nd playoff round in the same qualifiers, while the rest go on to various rounds of the Europa League qualifiers.

These days, the Eredivisie is seen as a largely one-sided affair. To illustrate this claim even further it’s worth noting that Ajax Amsterdam has won over 25 league titles and a total of 34 national trophies which include Cup competitions. PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord Rotterdam follow closely behind with 21 (24 national) and 10 (15 national) titles respectively. These three teams are thus considered the “Big Three” of Dutch football, having won almost every Eredivisie championship since 1965. Moreover, these three teams have never been relegated out of this league. It should then make sense that the top scorers throughout Eredivisie’s history have almost exclusively played for these three clubs. The overall score record of 43 goals is still held by Coen Dillen, who made the record playing for PSV in the league’s first-ever season back in 1956-57.

Eredivisie Title Challengers

The Eredivisie 2021/22 betting predictions are about what you might expect after Ajax’s third triumph in a row. The traditional Big 3 are starting to look more and more like Big 2 with each passing season. If the Eredivisie outright betting odds in 2021/22 are to be believed, it might as well be a Big 1.

A quick look at said betting odds gives us a better insight into the balance of power at the top tier of Dutch football. Ajax’s dominance is quite clear, with almost no sportsbooks daring to price their victory above 1.44. PSV Eindhoven are their biggest title challengers with a price of 4.00, despite the lack of consistency in the past few seasons.

Further down are Feyenoord and Alkmaar, but the prices vary depending on the bookie in question. Some top bookmakers online price Feyenoord at 11 and Alkmaar at 15, while the prices are completely reversed in other cases. However, the overall consensus is that Alkmaar are somewhat more likely to earn a top 3 finish than the Rotterdam side.

Ajax Amsterdam

The gap between Ajax and the rest of Eredivisie’s top clubs continues to grow, with some journalists even calling them the Dutch Bayern. The past three seasons firmly established them as the league’s dominant club, especially after they ended the previous season with 16 points over the runners-up. Moreover, their recent policy of buying up the best players in the country has left their opponents in an even worse position.

Ajax’ performance in 2020/21 overshadowed the competition in almost all aspects. With a score of W28/D4/L2, they had both the most scored goals and the least number of conceded goals in the entire competition. They even picked up the Dutch Cup in the meantime, with only a lukewarm continental campaign to sour the impression.

Although this summer’s transfer period was relatively calm, their core lineup of experienced stars remains as strong as ever. Players like Daley Blind, Dusan Tadic, and Sebastien Haller kept up a strong form leaving very few weaknesses in the overall Ajax formation. Moreover, the younger members of the roster like Ryan Gravenberch, Antony or Jurrien Timber are only growing wiser.

The shocking singing of Steven Berghuis from Feyenoord further entrenched their strong position over the other members of the Big 3. Beyond that, Noa Lang left for Brugge, while the departures of attacker Lassina Traoré and midfielder Razvan Marin earned the club some extra spending money.

PSV Eindhoven

PSV are Ajax’s only real competition for the title. However, a lack of consistency in the previous few seasons and a poor transfer period means that it’s hard to feel optimistic. Sure, they secured the 2nd place, but they did so with only one point ahead of the next team down. The table leaders, on the other hand, left them far behind.

The departure of Donyell Malen, last season’s second-best goalscorer, left many fans unsure if PSV’s offence will have the same bite it once did. This team is quite notable for traditionally boasting strong attacking midfielders, though, and coach Schmidt will probably once again be relying on his typical 4-2-3-1 formation.

Eindhoven are best known for their outstanding performances at home – though you can see how that could lead to inconsistent results. Still, it’s impressive to think that they’ve lost only two home games since 2016. This season, a lot is expected from the young duo of wingers Cody Gakpo and Noni Maduek, especially after Mohamed Ihattaren’s suspension and the departure of right midfielder Denzel Dumfries to the Serie A reigning champions Inter Milan.

Elsewhere, Ritsu Doan has returned from a loan spell at Bielefeld, which will offer some lineup depth on the wings. Joël Dromme will likely be the team’s starting goalkeeper going forward, further aided by new arrivals André Ramalho and Phillipp Mwene as backs.

Feyenoord Rotterdam

Whatever confidence the bookies have in this team is likely mostly due to their long-standing position as one of the Netherlands’ Big 3. Although they did place third in both 2018/19 and 2019/20, last season’s poor performance saw them slink down to fifth. However, their supporters are hoping that the fresh direction their new coach Arne Slot is willing to take them in will turn their luck around.

Steven Berghuis’ departure to Ajax was an unfortunate turn of events for Feyenoord, but they still have a fairly strong lineup. Assets such as Justin Bijlow, Lutsharel Geertruida, and Marcos Senesi will mean that they’ll have a rock-solid defence to rely on. However, Slot is rather well-known for his aggressive strategy style, leaving Feyenoord in 2021/22 in a precarious position.

The return of Francesco Antonucci is great news for this team’s ailing offence, though he’s still quite inexperienced. Spartak Moscow attacking midfielder Guus Til will also likely have to play in place of any true forwards.

AZ Alkmaar

Last season, AZ even further established themselves as one of the leading names of Dutch football.

Successes like the ones we've been seeing in 2019/20 and 2020/21 are a relatively recent development, but the form they’ve shown by winning 3rd place last season was quite impressive. Moreover, they were 1 point below 2nd, further prompting AZ Alkmaar 2021/22 betting odds to expect them in the Top 3 this season.

That said, there are reasons why most Eredivise betting predictions for 2021/22 place them as weaker than Feyenoord. Namely, they’ve lost several key players over the summer transfer period. Myron Boadu first comes to mind, who proved himself a very competent striker with 15 goals last season. Winger Calvin Stengs is another notable departure, as is goalkeeper Marco Bizot.

Of the notable players still with the team, left-back Owen Wijndal suffered a tricky injury in the pre-season. Team captain Teun Koopmeiners and Fredrik Midtsj will still provide a dependable midfield, though.

Vangelis Pavlidis will likely be the squad’s starting centre-forward, and Peter Vindahl was brought in as the new goalie.

Eredivisie Relegation Favourites

On the other side of the spectrum, here are some teams most expected to be relegated down to the Eerste Divisie. As you might have guessed, these are not very well known outside the Netherlands and will have a hard time making their mark in the league.

Go Ahead Eagles

This team’s second-place finish in the second-flight was the best result they’ve seen in quite a while – at least as far as the Eerste Divisie is concerned. However, they haven’t been able to string together more than 2 consecutive seasons in a top-tier competition since the 90s. A minuscule budget combined with an almost completely revamped roster makes any predictions unreliable at best, but it’s hard to feel optimistic.

NEC Nijmegen

NEC were Eredivisie regulars for most of their history, but the past few years saw the club fall on hard times. Failure to climb back up to the top-flight is one thing, but the lack of success saw most of their once-strong defensive lineup flee to greener pastures. Along with a good chunk of their funding. They managed to secure promotion through an unlikely victory in the play-offs. However, 7th place in the Eerste Divisie does not bode well for how well they’ll perform among the Netherlands’ best.

SC Cambuur-Leeuwarden

We may be seeing a sort of return to form for the Yellow-Blues, but freshly promoted teams are almost always likely to be knocked right back down to the second flight. That said, SCC have been making strides under the leadership of coach Henk de Jong. They were leading the Eerste Divisie in 2019/20 when the competition was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak and won the proceedings last season. How much this form will translate into the top-flight, however, remains to be seen.

Eredivisie Top Players

In this particular section, we will take a quick look at some of the most distinguished players currently in the Dutch Premier League.

André Onana

Ajax’s barely-existent concession rate would be nowhere near as impressive without their 25-year-old Cameroonian goalkeeper. One of the most highly-valued players in the league and most prominent goalkeepers in Europe, Onana has been rumoured to end up transferred to the Premier League for several years now. A minor doping scandal in early 2021 left him suspended for 9 months, though, so we won’t be seeing him for a good chunk of the season.

Dušan Tadić

To stand out in a roster as strong as Ajax is no easy feat, but the Serbian forward has been managing to do so since 2018. Although the club’s supporters were sceptical at first, Tadić was later seen by some pundits as the single biggest reason for Ajax’s improvement in the 2018–19 season. He would go on to earn a spot on the Champions League squad of the Season in 2019 and a captain’s band after just 1 year in the team. Last season, he was also the best goalscorer in Ajax and was named the Dutch Footballer of the Year.

The Serbian international’s stellar performances have earned plenty of interest from some of Europe’s biggest clubs. The likes of AC Milan have been the ones to approach the experienced forward but both Tadić and Ajax made their position pretty clear by signing a recent extension of his contract.

Marcos Senesi

Feyenoord’s dependable defender is one of their currently most valuable assets. Senesi is a very versatile centre-back who has been known to truly shine in high-pressure situations. Besides an excellent defensive presence, the Argentinian international is renowned for his long-distance passes and clutch assists.

Eredivisie Rising Stars

Betting Fellow has also prepared a list of several younger players in the Eredivisie who could be well on their way to leave a deep mark in the Netherlands and beyond. These are players who show great potential and who could go on to become huge stars in the near future.

Ryan Gravenberch

This young midfielder has already clocked over 60 senior appearances for Ajax at just 19. The stellar performances we’ve seen from him – especially in the international theatre – brought him to become the player with the biggest market value in all of the Eredivisie. Quite impressive for someone so young, and clubs like Liverpool are already aiming for a 2022 transfer.

Owen Wijndal

Surprisingly enough, AZ Alkmaar’s recent rise to prominence was greatly contributed to by their home-grown left-back Owen Wijndal. Joining the senior roster at just 17, Wjindal quickly rose through the ranks as one of the league’s most notable wonder kids. His club’s tactical approach has changed several times in these short few years, but this young defender remains one of the most consistent performers on the roster.

Biggest Eredivisie Derby Matches

De Klassieker

Easily the biggest sporting event in the Netherlands, De Klassiker is the famed meeting between rivals Ajax Amsterdam and Feyenoord. The derby is a manifestation of the rivalry between the two cities the clubs come from, which has been active since the 13th century. Sadly, this also means that the charged matches often resulted in violence. This has been largely cracked down on since the 90s, though, but De Klassieker matches remain hugely contested affairs and the most important dates in the Eredivisie calendar.

De Topper

The derby between Ajax and PSV Eindhoven has been growing in size and significance for decades now. The score is somewhat predictably in Ajax’ favour, but that may change yet. De Topper matches generate plenty of attention nationwide and beyond.

Eredivisie Best Stadiums

Johan Cruyff Arena

Ajax Arena

Home of AFC Ajax, this massive stadium is the largest of its kind in the Netherlands, housing up to 54,990 spectators for different sports matches. It is Amsterdam’s main stadium and was funded and built by the city authorities. It used to be called the Amsterdam ArenA until the 2018-2019 season, when it was renamed in honour of legendary Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff who died in March 2016.

De Kuip

De Kuip means “The Tub” in Dutch, the original name of this stadium being Stadion Feijenoord. It is located in Rotterdam and is the home of Feyenoord. It’s one of the oldest of such size, being built back in 1935. It has been remodelled and restored several times since then, however, and can currently take up to 51,777 spectators.