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RB Leipzig Predictions Stats
  • Number of Bets: 42
  • Winning Bets: 21
  • Average Odds: 2.1
  • Overall Stake : 322
  • Profit: 296.68
  • Yield: -7.86 %

Leipzig betting

Leipzig Odds

As much as the fans dislike Red Bull’s approach to taking over clubs, things sure seem to have worked out for Leipzig.

The massive financial power of the club’s sole owner and investor brought the team up through the German league system in record times. Being one of the main Bundesliga title challengers is quite an achievement for a team that didn’t exist a decade ago. Even more so in a country with such a deep history in the sport.

Nevertheless, RB Leipzig secured a Champions League qualification in every season since they climbed up to the top flight (barring 2018/19.) That said, this is the German Bundesliga we’re talking about. Toppling Bayern from their gilded throne is going to take more than strong financial backing. As such, a championship title is priced at 17.00 – which are the third-shortest odds in the entire league, mind you. On the flip side, a Top 4 Finish bet offers measly returns at 1.20.

Leipzig Key Players

Despite the club’s poor reputation among the German football fanbase, one star did emerge from it all: Timo Werner. The young striker is already one of the more recognizable names of German football, but he left for Chelsea after years of transfer speculation.

Two replacements were secured: Alexander Sörloth of Crystal Palace and Hee-chan Hwang from Leipzig’s Swiss Red Bull counterpart Salzburg. Both of these will fit well into what has become a widely-accepted Red Bull doctrine – vertical attacks with rapid forward passes and aggressive pressure out of possession.

That said, the backs remain incredibly important for applying said pressure. Dayot Upamecano, Ibrahima Konaté, and Lukas Klostermann are all important pieces in this puzzle. However, some additional options for the full-backs and forwards acquired over the summer imply a more flexible tactical approach in 2020/21.

Leipzig Rivalry

You can’t say for the club which history last for 10 years who is the biggest rival they have. As all football fans in Germany are hating them, probably every game they will play, they will have to fight against hostile atmosphere. Probably playing against top sides, Bayern and Dortmund will be the most interesting to Leipzig fans.

Leipzig History

RB Leipzig have been formed in 2009, as Red Bull advertisement project. Therefore other fans don’t like them as they see them as everything football should not be. On the other hand, Red Bull made excellent project, build a team from young and talented players, and moved through 7 levels of German football before reaching the Bundesliga where they immediately made success and qualify for Champions League.

The home ground in Leipzig is of course, Red Bull Arena, with 43.000 capacity.

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