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  • Number of Bets: 31
  • Winning Bets: 12
  • Average Odds: 2.23
  • Overall Stake : 227
  • Profit: 191.65
  • Yield: -15.57 %

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Caykur Rizespor is hardly one of the league’s most consistent clubs, though they have had a few successes in recent memory.

They’ve been in and out of the Super Lig a few times over the past season, which means their goal is generally just to survive in the top flight. They ended the previous season on a low note, though, barely managing to climb up to 15th place. Compared to the 11th they recorded the year before, a short-term downward trend can be noticed.

Due to the lack of relegation markets on most online bookmakers, though, they can’t offer any decent opportunities for outright Super Lig bets. The 201 odds for an Outright Win are hardly worth mentioning.

That said, plenty of teams have even longer odds than that, which ranks Rizespor somewhere in the middle of the Super Lig pecking order.

Rizespor Key Players

Under new management, a very small part of last year’s lineup made it through the summer transfer window. Gökhan Akkan will be staying on, which makes a lot of sense considering he proved his worth many times over. The left wing also remained largely unchanged with Dario Melnjak as left-back and Braian Samudio as a left-winger.

That said, Rizespor’s arguably biggest new arrival is in the form of Fernando Andrade, who was loaned from Porto. Centre-back Yassine Meriah and midfielder Godfred Donsah are also important new additions that will fit right into Stjepan Tomas’ traditional 4-3-3 formation.

However, said formation might be moved a bit down due to the exceptional new defenders. For instance, centre-back Emir Dilaver and defensive midfielder Dušan Jovančić were also signed.

Rizespor Rivalry

There are three Black Sea derbies in Turkey – the Old Derby, the West Derby and the East Derby. Rizesport contest the East Derby with Trabzonspor and consider them their greatest rivals, though Trabsonspor have greater rivalries of their own with the likes of Samsunspor and Fenerbahce.

Rizespor History

While celebrating the 34th anniversary of the start of the Turkish Independence War in 1953, a committee of five members sought for a way to improve the culture and physical levels of fitness among young people of Rize, and contribute to the development of the city. It resulted in the birth of a club called Caykur Rizespor Kulubu, which is still its full name today.

The club played in the Amateur League from 1953 to ’68, and in that time mostly local young men wore their colours – yellow and green. However, when they were admitted to the TFF 2.Lig in 1968, they changed their colours to blue and green.

They quickly worked their way up, reaching the 1. Lig in 1974 and the Super Lig five years later. Since then, their path has mostly been split into periods of four, five or six years which they spent one in the top tier, one in the second, though they did go through a low moment in 1993 and fell back to the third division for a season.

They have no major trophies on their shelves so far.

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