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  • Number of Bets: 45
  • Winning Bets: 15
  • Average Odds: 2.3
  • Overall Stake : 303
  • Profit: 199.68
  • Yield: -34.1 %

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The Millers burst onto the second flight of English football after a convincing League Two and League One campaign in 2014, though they haven’t fared too well since. Each year seems to bring another coin-flip whether they’ll manage to stay in the Championship or not.

So far, the 21st place seems to be their best placement since 2002, which says a lot. They were relegated in 2016/17, promoted again next year, and then went through the whole process again the following 2 seasons.

Needless to say, if there’s an obvious pick for relegation in the 2020/21 season, it’s Rotherham. They seem to be stuck in a limbo where they're too good for League One, but can’t seem to find their footing in the Championship either.

Relegation bets are priced at around 3.00, though, which implies a small amount of confidence that they’ve improved over the summer.

Rotherham Key Players

Typical underdog tactics are to scramble for a new starting 11 after promotion, which seems to be the case here.

Coach Paul Warne managed to et his hands even on some Premier League talent, though from the outside it appears that it was just about taking the best individual players. The main issue with that is that the whole lineup ends up looing rather imbalanced.

Derby County’s right-winger Florian Jozefzoon was an interesting pick for a loan. He’ll likely be the key to most connecting plays together with last season’s standout midfielder, Ben Wiles.

Other loaned players include Leicaster’s forward George Hirst and Chelsea’s goalie Jamal Blackman.

Rotherham Rivalry

According to their supporters, Rotherham’s greatest rivals all hail from Yorkshire.

Historically, their greatest derby is with the Doncaster Rovers, currently playing in League One. The two teams spent most of their history in similar tiers of the English league system, which has produced some exciting showdowns over the years.

As far as other Championship teams go, they are local rivals with teams like Barnsley and Sheffield Wednesday. Additionally, the fans consider Yorkshire sides Sheffield United and Leeds United rivals – though it’s questionable if one could call this a full-on derby.

Rotherham History

Based in the town of Rotherham in South Yorkshire, this club’s roots date all the way back to 1877. They used to be known as Thornhill because the most prominent local club at the time was Rotherham Town. These early days were rather turbulent, with several teams based in the county rising and falling to prominence. After some time, though, it became clear that the town wasn’t big enough for two professional football clubs. Thornhill and Rotherham County merged into a new club in 1925. They also adopted their red and white kits around that time, which they use to this day.

Statistically, the majority of the club’s history was spent in the third tier of English football.

Their greatest achievements include a League Cup final in 1961, a 1996 Football League Trophy, and a 1946 Football League North Cup title. The longest period of consecutive successes for Rotherham was way back in the early 50s when they came fairly close to a promotion to the top flight.

More recently, they rapidly advanced from League Two into the Championship in a span of just 2 seasons between 2012 and 2014.

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