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Sports Interaction review BettingFellow Rating: 9.40/10

Considering the legal quagmire that is the US gambling regulation, Canadian online bookmakers remain the best hope of punters interested in North American sports leagues such as the NHL, NBA, and NFL. Still, we should point out one thing straight away – Sports Interaction is a strictly Canadian betting site. That means that only residents of Canada are permitted to join and wager on Sports Interaction.

In practice, this means that everyone else might as well stop reading now. If you’re Canadian, though, and are looking for new betting sites to add to your arsenal – you’ve come to the right place.

Premier Bookmakers from the Great White North

Sports Interaction homepage screenshoot

According to the official information available at this betting site, Sports Interaction is the oldest licenced online bookmaker in Canada. This fact applies to almost all of their operations – this is an all-in-one online gambling platform which features a multitude of services besides online sports betting. All of these were founded at the same time in 1997, and it didn’t take long before Sports Interaction became something of a legend among Canadian sports fans.

Look at it this way: the boom of online gambling in Europe came around the same time, but it was spearheaded by several brands and companies competing in the early days of the market. In Canada, the whole thing was essentially kickstarted by Sports Interaction, which gives them quite the pedigree. They remain one of the most reputable betting sites to this day, with a relatively long tradition and countless satisfied customers. The brand name is often shortened to SIA.

When it comes down to it, this bookie offers a highly specialized service with a clear target audience. There are advantages and disadvantages to such a business model, as you might expect. For starters, if you feel like your tastes align with the average Canadian sports bettor in terms of sports preferences, SIA is probably the best option around. They offer some of the most impressive odds and lines on NHL matches on the market – which is probably the first thing that pops into your head when we mention bookmakers in Canada.

Besides that, though, there is very little information available about the company. We know that the SIA brand is owned and run by Mohawk Online, which is the name under which SIA’s licences are issued. Interestingly, Mohawk Online is entirely owned by the council of the Mohawk Native Tribe in Kahnawake and is more of an economic initiative rather than a traditional betting company. According to the info on their website, a good chunk of SIA’s profits is invested back into the Kahnawake community.

Anyway, the website itself is a uniquely positive experience. The colour palette is pleasant and easy on the eyes, which can help reduce eye strain during those long wagering sessions. While aesthetics are never the highest priority in our bookmaker reviews, we prefer using a good-looking site. Moreover, we feel that the entire sportsbook is streamlined and intuitively designed. Even the best betting sites tend to overcomplicate things and clutter up the screen – which is not the case here. The site loads very quickly as well, and it's easy to find what you're looking for. Overall, Sports Interaction leaves a very positive first impression.

Most of it follows a very familiar template that most top online bookmakers rely on, and for good reason – the design is tried and true. You’ll find additional services like live betting, online casinos and casino games near the top of the screen.

While we’re on the topic, we would also like to offer praise for the SportsInteraction mobile betting app. Most of the site’s strong points pop out even more on a smaller screen. If we’re talking strictly about the app’s functionality and technical aspects, it is easily one of the best betting app experiences you could find in today’s market.

Interestingly, SIA also features a dedicated sports news site called Sports Interaction Insights. The news is mostly related to the most popular sports on SIA. They often refer specifically to betting as well, even being backed up by handy betting guides at times. This can be a handy tool for staying on top of the latest news which might affect the way you make bets.

Licensing & Safety

When it comes to licencing jurisdictions, Sports Interaction is fairly open about who they are regulated by – this info can be seen just below the company logo. As you might expect, their main remote gambling licence is issued by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. Now, this authority might not be well known on an international level, but it should be fairly familiar to North American punters. Not a lot of top bookmakers are certified by the KGC, but some prominent casinos are.

Either way, such a licence marks SIA as a legitimate, safe betting site. The fact that the permit is not all that respected on an international level is irrelevant because SIA only accepts Canadian players in the first place. The fact that all customers live in the same country as the licencing authority comes with a lot of advantages. The same can’t be said for a majority of the world’s top betting sites, which can present issues that are far beyond the scope of this simple review. Just remember that you can rest easy while betting with Sports Interaction.

Still, the company is also licenced by the Jersey Gambling Commission in the Channel Islands. This one is a bit strange because we've found no indications that residents of Jersey or the UK can gamble with SIA. Still, relying on two regulative bodies might provide additional peace of mind.

In terms of security, this company likes to express the importance of user privacy and proper security, which we fully support. According to official statements and regulatory requirements, SIA will never knowingly share or endanger personal details with third parties. All traffic (and transactions, most importantly) are secured by state-of-the-art SQL-based encryption. This bookie can boast a range of different security certifications, held up to the highest standards for safe online betting practices. These statements are backed up by a very clean track record in terms of leaks or security vulnerabilities, which is very important.

On top of all that, SIA regularly cooperates with organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous to combat the effects of problem gambling. They also have a variety of safety nets in place for safe gambling, such as self-imposed limits and self-exclusion options.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Sports Interaction Payment Methods

You can’t wager online unless you can get deposit your bankroll, so varied and secure payment options are one of the most important building blocks of a quality betting site. We can safely say that Sports Interaction delivers on this front as well, with a wide range of secure and fast options.

When it comes to deposits on Sports Interaction, there are quite a few options tailored to Canadian customers. Customers can deposit via credit or debit cards, Interac e-transfers, Instadebit, iDebit, MuchBetter, bank transfers, Paysafecard, or ecoPayz. All deposits are instant, although it may take up to 30 mins for your account balance to be updated.

Most deposit options at SIA are free of charge on the operator’s end, although some have fees on the bank’s end. For instance, instadebit transfers are charged CAD 1.95 per transfer. Most options are also unlimited (barring any limits you made yourself, of course) – though there are exceptions. For example, Interac deposits are limited to CAD 5,000 per month, while iDebit transfers are capped at CAD 5,000 per week.

Additionally, there is a CAD 20 minimum deposit on Sports Interaction across all possible methods.

Now, the withdrawal options at Sports Interaction are somewhat fewer in number. These include bank transfers (including Citadel Instant Payments), Interac e-transfers, and MuchBetter. Players can also withdraw using eChecks, InstaDebit, iDebit, or ecoPayz – but only if you’ve used these methods to deposit beforehand.

SIA sets out a 72-hour timeframe for all withdrawals. However, this merely refers to their processing times, and it only includes business days and not weekends. Note that withdrawals may take longer depending on the type of payment service and the service provider behind it. For example, bank transfers may take up to a week to fully reach your bank account, while eWallet options are considerably quicker. Instant banking is by far the slowest when it comes to Sports Interaction withdrawal times with a 7-10 day timeframe.

In general, withdrawals are one of this bookie’s greatest weaknesses. For starters, the limits somehow manage to have both high minimums and low maximums. iDebit and other eWallet options are subject to a CAD 50 minimum, while transfers, Interac, and eChecks’ minimum withdrawal is CAD 100. The maximum is CAD 5,000 across the board. While this may not directly affect the majority of potential customers, it's still far behind the high standards of the industry.

Most withdrawals are also affected by strange rules when it comes to fees. Withdrawal fees range between 2 and CAD 7, although most methods are free for one transaction per month. The only available currency on Sports Interaction is the Canadian dollar (which makes sense) and most transactions can be cancelled if you act on time.

Customer Support

Sports Interaction Help Center

We’re happy to report that SIA has gone out of their way to provide droves of relevant information to anyone interested. The site features a Help Center which covers a vast range of questions or queries you might have about the business. The FAQ on the sportsbook is downright impressive in terms of the amount of important info.

As such, most questions can be addressed without having to contact anyone. Still, if you find yourself in a position where you have to contact Sports Interaction customer service, there is a healthy list of options. During our tests, we’ve found SIA’s support team fast, polite, and effective at their work. All forms of contact are open and available 24/7, 365 days a year, which is always a big plus.

In our experience, quality customer support is a defining characteristic of top-rated betting sites. The best online sportsbooks are proactive and responsible when it comes to dealing with customers, and it’s obvious SIA has taken the necessary steps to build customer trust.

So, what are the ways in which you can contact SIA?

24/7 Live Chat: Society as a whole has been moving towards text-based communication over phone calls, which means that a live chat feature is essential for bookmakers in 2020. The Sports Interaction live chat is available at all times straight from the Help Center.

Email Support:If you’re looking for a somewhat less immediate channel of communication, you can also e-mail the support team at [email protected]. Queries are typically addressed on the same day, though you may experience some delay on weekends.

Telephone: If you're adamant about talking to someone directly, you can phone a service representative by dialling 1-888-922-5575.

Support form: Another option is to submit a support form from the Help Center. This method is similar to an e-mail in many ways, but it can get you results more quickly because it goes through a sorting system to determine how your query should be addressed.

Market & Odds

Sports Interaction Market And Odds

It’s time to answer the biggest questions most prospective customers have about Sports Interaction’s betting offer. What kinds of bets do they offer, and how good are the payouts?

The sportsbook features around 25 different sports and betting categories, ranging from soccer and MMA to entertainment, specials such as politics betting, and even esports betting. The selection is likely to satisfy the needs of 99% of punters out there. Only the most obscure niche markets are unavailable.

It should be noted, however, that horse racing is tucked away on a separate section of the site. You can find horse racing bets in the racebook section at the top of the screen. Unlike a lot of the world’s biggest sportsbooks, SIA is not focused on Irish and UK tracks. Instead, the main attraction here is the American Thoroughbred racing bets. A multitude of other tracks are available, of course, but this is a nice change of pace compared to the usual fare.

While soccer may not be as popular in the Great White North as it is in Europe, we’ve found that the coverage is surprisingly detailed and comprehensive when it comes to football bets. You’ll find almost every league in the world here, ranging from heavy-hitters like the Premier League or the Champions League to minor third-tier competitions.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that hockey is the main bread-winner here. NHL props, games, and futures, NCAA hockey, national and international leagues from all over the planet – it’s all there, with a variety of interesting markets and fixtures. The focus on Canadian sports fans has (somewhat stereotypically) pushed SIA to become one of the best hockey betting sites out there.

The depth of the markets is a different story, however. The variety of bets one can make is somewhat uninspired. Don’t get us wrong – the vast majority of punters will find everything they need here – but the amount of options pales in comparison to the competitors. For instance, top-tier soccer events have a few dozen options where some competing sportsbooks can boast hundreds. This can negatively affect value betting in the long run.

The odds vary in quality depending on the sport. Predictably, the odds on ice hockey betting offers are nothing short of impressive and are easily some of the best in the business. Other North American sports, such as ML baseball, basketball, and the NFL have notably above-average odds. Soccer betting odds are somewhat worse than industry standards, and the same can be said for most other sports SIA is not focused on.

In-Play Betting

The live betting section of this sportsbook is completely in line with what we talked about up to this point. For starters, the interface is excellent on a technical level. The first thing you’ll see when you head over to live betting on Sports Interaction is a massive, dynamic scoreboard which switches between live betting offers as they pop up. It is incredibly helpful if you haven’t decided on a selection yet, but can also be easily searched and filtered for a more targeted approach to wagering.

The system also allows for a lot of freedom when it comes to combining different bets. For example, you can even combine live bets with pre-match options on a single bet slip (or bet card, as they call it.) As such, Sports Interaction has a sort of built-in bet builder feature.

However, the same problems emerge as with the pre-match sportsbook. The number of markets is somewhat limited, and how much mileage you get from the odds depends on the sport in question. All in all, though, it is an excellent platform for in-play betting in Canada – especially if you’re favourite sports include hockey or basketball.

Sports Interaction Live Streaming Offer

Sports Interaction does not offer any sort of live sports streaming service on their platform as of the writing of this review. While such features are becoming increasingly popular every year, we here at BettingFellow feel that they are entirely optional and are not indicative of the actual betting. That said, it would be a nice option because some competitors do offer live streaming.

Sports Interaction Bookmaker Margin

The bookmaker margin or overround is usually the most important factor for determining the quality of betting odds on a site. As such, this section of our review will mostly put the same sentiment into clear-cut numbers. To illustrate our points, the margin on ice hockey bets is 2.9%. You would be extremely hard-pressed to find a lower margin anywhere in the world. After all, we didn’t name this site one of the best sportsbooks for hockey for nothing.

North American sports leagues such as the NBA, NFL and MLB all fit somewhere into the 3-4% range, which is well below average (which is a good thing.) These calculations, however, also put the cons of Sports Interactive into the spotlight: the margins for soccer and tennis matches, for instance, are above 6.7%.

Overall Review

We don’t have much else to say that hasn’t already been covered, but we’ll sum up the conclusions of this in-depth Sports Interaction bookmaker review.

Overall, we would say that this site is worth it if you're Canadian. The sportsbook itself is expertly designed on a technical level, which makes for an enjoyable experience. Customer support, safety, and licencing are all up to the highest standards, leaving an impression of a legit betting site you can trust. We would point out, however, that the sportsbook lacks any sort of meaningful bonuses or betting promotions.

If odds are your primary concern like they are for a lot of serious bettors, SIA’s offer is highly specialized. If you’re looking to bet on ice hockey – look no further. For all other sports, this is still a superb bookie, but you may be able to find better odds if you were to do some digging.

How to open an account at Sports Interaction?

If you’re looking to register for a new bookie, Sports Interaction is offering a 100% first deposit bonus up to CAD 100. All you have to do to claim it is register:

Sports Interaction opening account procedure explained
  • Head over to and click “sign up” at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Fill in the form with personal details such as a name, phone number, billing address, etc.
  • Provide account information – your username and password.
  • You will also need to set up a security question and agree to Sports Interaction terms and conditions.
  • The final step is to verify your account by providing identification and a proof of address. This can be done in a variety of ways, as per SIA’s customer support policy.

Sports Interaction review FAQ

Is Sports Interaction safe?

Yes, SIA is a perfectly safe, licenced online bookmaker with an excellent reputation.

Is Sports Interaction legal?

According to their policies and licencing, SportsInteraction is only legal in Canada and for Canadian residents.

What is Sports Interaction’s maximum payout?

The upper limit to what can be paid out on SIA is USD 100,000 every 7 days. Non-sport bets, such as on politics or entertainment, are subject to a CAD 10,000 maximum.

No. US residents cannot register or use SIA’s sports betting services or any other part of their operation.

Does Sports Interaction have an app?

Yes, SIA has a dedicated mobile betting app. However, it is currently only available on Android or Windows phones – there is no iOS version.

What is the maximum payout at Sports Interaction?

There are two types of limitations when it comes to Sports Interaction payouts. The first is the CAD 5,000 limit on all withdrawals. Secondly, an individual customer can win a maximum of $100,000 (around CAD 125,000) in a seven-day period. This applies to both the sports betting offer and the online casino at Sports Interaction. This limit is imposed regardless of the type of bet, the number of different wagers and selections, and so on. That means that the amount you can win with a single bet does not technically have a limit, except for the $100,000.

The only exceptions to this last rule are bets made on non-sport events – song contests, elections, lotteries, and so on. These all have a set maximum payout of $10,000.

How does Sports Interaction payout?

Bettors at Sports Interaction have several options when it comes to withdrawing their funds. These include bank transfers with Citadel Instant Payments supported, Interac e-transfers, MuchBetter, eChecks, InstaDebit, iDebit, and EcoPayz. That said, customers have a much wider range of options for deposits, and we wish all of them were available for withdrawals as well. All of these are free of any transaction fees on the bookmaker’s end, but some of these payment service providers charge a small commission on all transfers. The minimum deposit is CAD 50 across the board, with a few instances of a CAD 100 minimum, such as with eChecks, bank transfers, and Interac. The maximum withdrawal at Sports Interaction is set at CAD 5,000, regardless of which method you’re using.

To withdraw funds from Sports Interaction, head over to the cashier section of the site and click ‘Withdraw’. To will be able to see methods available to you. Select the one to you, specify the amount you wish to withdraw, and follow the on-screen instruction until your withdrawal is requested. Note that transfer requests require up to 3 working days to process on the bookmaker’s end. This doesn’t take into account any additional waiting times, such as those incurred by the method you chose. For example, bank transfers are generally the slowest and can take up to 10 days.

How to cash out on Sports Interaction?

Cashing out is a popular feature among many top online sportsbooks in Canada and beyond. It essentially allows you to settle a bet before the relevant event is over. You can cash out using the’My Bets’ screen. There is a special ‘Cash Out’ tab that lists any wagers you have eligible for this feature.

The amount you can cash out is typically different from both your stake and the payout you would get if you waited for the match to be over. This amount depends on several things, such as live market prices, circumstances in the match, and so on. That said, cashing out before a match kicks off simply returns your stake.

The price of a cash-out can be vastly different, and we can illustrate this through an example. Say you wagered your favourite team will win. If they take an early lead, you will be able to cash out for a certain profit that’s smaller than if you wait for the end. The more you wait, the likelier your team is to win, so you’ll keep getting a bigger cash-out option. This allows you to secure a bet and eliminate risk at the cost of some of your returns.

Conversely, if your team is losing, you will be able to cash out an amount smaller than your stake but bigger than 0. As the match progresses, if the score stays the same your potential cash-out amount will decrease because your team is less likely to win. If you use the Sports Interaction Cash Out at this moment, you’ll cut some of the losses but lose the possibility of winning the bet in the end.

Who owns Sports Interaction?

Sports Interaction is operated by Mohawk Online, a socio-economic initiative owned by the Mohawk Council of Kahnawake. According to their own public statements, the initiative uses the proceeds of Sports Interactive for vital economic support and development for Canadian First Nations.

Where can I download the Sports Interaction App?

The Sports Interaction online sports betting app only comes in an Android version. Since the Google Play Store has a strict policy against gambling apps, you’ll have to download the .apk file from the Sports Interaction official website. Note that you will have to permit your device to install apps from unknown sources. This can be done either in a pop-up window when you attempt to open the .apk file, or in the security settings of your phone or tablet.

What is the Sports Interaction bonus rollover?

The rollover minimum for the Sports Interaction welcomes bonus is x4. A rollover with online sportsbook bonus offers is essentially an amount of money you have to wager before withdrawing. Note that this only applies to bonus funds and promotional rewards – any cash you deposit outside of promotions can be withdrawn normally unless you agree otherwise.

A rollover can be seen in two ways – a multiplier or a simple cash amount. Both are different ways to express the same thing. The easiest way to explain is through an example.

Say you deposit $100, get $50 as a bonus, and the rollover minimum is 4x. Add the deposit and bonus together and multiply them by the rollover multiplier to get the amount of money you’ll need to wager before you can withdraw. In this example, that’s 150 x 4 = $600. Note that this number refers only to the stake you’re required to invest. In other words, you can wager some of the cash, win it back, wager it again, and so on until you’ve met the required amount.

Do I have to pay tax on Sports Interaction winnings?

No. Winnings from betting at Sports Interaction (or any other sportsbook) are not subject to taxation. This, of course, applies to Canadian residents, who are the only ones who can access the site anyway.

Why is my Sports Interaction account suspended?

There are many reasons Sports Interaction may choose to suspend your account. The most common are related to breaches of Sports Interaction terms and conditions. For example, opening multiple accounts at the site is strictly forbidden. Also, you are limited to one account per household – more precisely, per IP address. Other common causes for account suspension are related to betting arbitrage, which is strictly forbidden at top online bookmakers.

Moreover, if you took part in any Sports Interaction promotions or special offers, make sure you’ve read and understood the promotion’s terms and conditions. Accounts can also be suspended for abusing such offers.

If you have any doubts as to why your account was suspended or believe that was done unfairly, contact Sports Interaction customer support. However, the operator reserves the right to keep your account suspended.

Which currencies can I use at Sports Interaction?

The Canadian dollar is the default and only currency accepted at this online bookmaker. This makes sense considering Canadian residents are the only ones who can access and bet on the site. This sometimes gets confusing because Sports Interaction uses US dollars to describe things like special offers or betting and payout limits. However, this is purely for illustrative purposes. The only currency you can actually use to bet and withdraw is the Canadian dollar.

How to delete Sports Interaction account?

Sports Interaction is required by law to keep a record of all of your financial transactions at the betting site. In other words, if you want to stop playing at the site, you can simply withdraw everything from your account, settle or close any remaining bets, and never log in again. However, if you wish to restrict access due to concerns such as problem gambling, there are ways in which you can do so. Simply contact Sports Interaction customer support about self-exclusion. If you opt to do this, you will be prevented from accessing any sites that have been licensed by the Kahnawake commission. You will also not be sent any promotional material or contacted by betting companies at all. Any remaining funds you may have on your account can be withdrawn, though. Self-exclusion can be implemented for any period, but the most common requests are between 24 hours and 6 months. Note that the decision to self-exclude cannot be reversed by any operator, whether you ask them to or not.

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