TitanBet review

TitanBet review BettingFellow Rating: 8.70/10

Although this brand does not immediately pop into your head when we’re talking about the world’s top online bookmakers, it’s hard to deny the TitanBet success. They’ve been successfully operating for almost a decade at this point, bringing in thousands of customers from across the globe into an all-in-one online sportsbook and betting platform.

As with all bookmakers, they have several strengths compared to the competition – but also some weaknesses. Their technology-oriented approach is sure to fit some punters’ needs and offers an interesting alternative to the standard fare. If you’re on the market for new betting sites and are considering TitanBet as an option, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll take an in-depth look at their online betting offer and compare it to some of the best betting sites out there, and by the end of our review, you’ll hopefully know if this is the bookie for you.

TitanBet – Innovation and Reliability

TitanBet review

As more and more of the world’s sports betting industry moves online, it’s becoming clear that the industry is becoming a blend of traditional bookmaking and technology. Safe, functional, and intuitive software is pretty much expected from top-rated bookies – and for good reason. While most punters appreciate things like odds and bonuses above all else, there’s something to be said about software as an integral part of the experience of betting sites in 2020.

So, why are we telling you any of this? Well, consider the timeline of the biggest brands among betting companies. The majority of them have origins as traditional high-street betting shops, or were built from the ground up as a bookmaking service above all else. Only then do these companies hire developers and designers to make the actual website and all the services that come with that. TitanBet, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of this story.

TitanBet was conceived as the flagship online sports betting project of Playtech. If your interest in gambling extends beyond just sports betting, that name should be immediately familiar to you. Playtech is one of the world’s premier software developers when it comes to igaming. They are well known in gaming circles for their online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo games, online sports betting, scratch games, mobile gaming, live dealer games and fixed-odds arcade games, and many more.

Back in 2007, they decided to get into sports betting as well, resulting in TitanBet. It took a few years, so TitanBet first officially went online in 2010. That puts them among relatively new bookmakers, but even at its founding, the site was run by people with quite a lot of experience in the gambling industry. Still, gaming software was their primary strength, and that remains true to this day.

This will be immediately noticeable when you access their site. At first glance, it might seem just like any other betting site – after all, the standard sportsbook formula is tried and true and doesn't allow for a lot of freedom of expression. Sure, it looks modern and sleek, but it doesn't take a genius to pick a nice colour scheme.

The strength of TitanBet’s design side only comes to light with extended use. Long-time bettors will appreciate how easy it is to keep track of your bets, and how easy it is to find interesting offers you otherwise would have overlooked. Beginners will find the site very intuitive and user-friendly. Additionally, the site features a comprehensive betting dictionary which can be used to familiarize yourself with the basics of betting theory.

Don't get us wrong: the sportsbook isn't some piece of jaw-dropping innovation in the field of design. However, TitanBet takes the familiar interface of top bookmakers and does it extremely well.

Licensing & Safety

TitanBet licensing

If there’s one thing TitanBet needs to work on, it would be managing their brand. Even though they are a relatively large betting company with plenty of years of experience, we still get asked the same question over and over again: is TitanBet legit?

Put bluntly: yes. TitanBet is a fully licenced betting site which brings their business to thousands of customers legally. Currently, the brand is owned and operated by a company called Universe Entertainment Services, and this company is the holder of its main remote gambling licence by the Malta Gaming Authority. There are four separate licences, each covering a different aspect of TitanBet’s service: the online sportsbook, poker room, online casino, and live casino.

The MGA may not be as highly-regarded as, say, the UKGC or the Gibraltar Commissioner, but they’ve been making strides in recent years. They have a rather no-nonsense approach when it comes to online gambling regulation, and a lot of respected gambling companies operate under their licence. What we’re trying to say is that you’re in safe hands – at least from a legal perspective.

All transactions on TitanBet are encrypted using 256-bit SSL encryption, meaning none of the data traffic between the site and its users can be accessed by outside parties. While we could hardly call this technology cutting-edge, it has proven itself as extremely reliable, and there are no instances of security breaches in TitanBet’s history. They seem to take their data security very seriously, and we only wish more details were easily accessible to the public.

The bad news is that, because TitanBet does not own a UKGC licence, it is restricted to UK punters. We’ve noticed that there have been attempts at adding TitanBet to the list of UK betting sites, such as through the acquisition of winner.co.uk a couple of years ago. Sadly, though, it seems all those attempts are now defunct. In addition to the UK, there are quite a lot of restricted countries on TitanBet, including Australia, Belgium, Bulgaria, China, Columbia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Serbia, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the USE.

Keep in mind that this list is by no means complete and that there may be other countries with restricted access.

Deposit and Withdrawals

The payment options at TitanBet are easily one of their strong suits, boasting plenty of options and easily available information in regards to limits and processing times. However, those same processing times might be an issue for some, but let’s look at one thing at a time.

TitanBet card payments are very diverse, and offer more options and easier access than a lot of top bookmakers. They cover the standard methods, with some rarely-seen options: Visa, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Maestro, Diners Club and Delta. Customers also have the option of using Instadebit, if you’re looking for a quick and easy method. All transactions are free, and both deposits and withdrawals have a minimum £20 limit. As far as we can tell, there is no maximum withdrawal at TitanBet, which was a nice surprise.

All deposits are instant, but withdrawals might take up to 3 days. This is a bit longer than most competitors, but shouldn’t present much of a problem.

In terms of e-wallets and online payment methods, customers can choose between EasyEFT, Sofort, GiroPay, EPS, QiWi, Moneta.ru, WebMoney, Neteller, Entropay, ecoPayz, Yandex, iDebit, AstroPay, and Trustly. The only notable omissions are Skrill and PayPal, but there’s plenty of other options to chose from.

Depending on your chosen e-wallet, withdrawals at Titanbet can take up to a few days. The quicker options, such as Neteller, are usually processed in under 3 days, but there are also some methods with long waiting times of 4-7 days. Also, some of these methods are only available for deposits at TitanBet, so be careful when choosing your method.

As far as alternative methods go, users are again presented with a lot of choices. For instance, you can use cash to deposit funds via the Paysafecard or use BitCoin if cryptocurrencies are your thing. All in all, there's plenty of options and the terms are fair, if a bit slow. Most users shouldn't have any problems finding a payment method that suits them.

Customer Support

No site can be considered a top online bookmaker without solid customer support, and we can say that we’re quite satisfied with TitanBet on this front. The communication we’ve had with their service reps was pleasant, and they were helpful and professional. We haven’t run into any issues ourselves, but customer opinions seem to point to the fact that they are also efficient in quickly resolving any issues you might run into. The only downside is that they can only be reached during working hours – between 6:00 am and 24:00 GMT every day. This is not a problem in its own right, but a lot of TitanBet’s competition has 24/7 support.

In any case, TitanBet boasts a rather robust FAQ section that can be used to answer a lot of questions without contacting the support at all. Still, if this section does not contain the information you’re looking for, you can contact TitanBet customer service using any of the following methods:

24/7 Live Chat: The easiest way to contact TitanBet’s staff is using the live chat feature of their website during working hours. The feature can be accessed by clicking the “live chat” on the menu bar at the top of the main page

Email Support:A bit slower, but just as easy, e-mails are one of the most common channels of communicating with support staff. The address for help and support is [email protected] However, a different address is used for submitting documents for KYC verification purposes. All e-mails are typically answered within 24 hours.

Telephone Support: IF you want to talk to someone directly, you can do so by dialling +359-2-489-6902. Keep in mind, however, that this might incur international call fees by your phone operator.

FAX: If you’re old-school, you can even fax TitanBet at +44-800-4715-207

Market & Odds

As mentioned previously, most punters consider these factors to be the most important measures of a top online bookie. There’s some truth to that – you won’t get very far if you can’t find what you want to bet on, and the good odds are necessary if you're looking for value bets.

With industry veterans at the helm, TitanBet immediately turned to the biggest betting markets as soon as it went online a decade ago. As you might have guessed, this primarily means football betting.TitanBet is primarily marketed as a football betting site, and that will be immediately apparent as soon as you open it. You can find offers for pretty much any league and event available, and each of them will come with 250+ different markets, including various exotic markets and Asian handicaps.

Of course, there are other sports as well – although TitanBet seems to operate in a narrowly focused manner. The number of different sports and betting categories you can wager on is just above 20. This is noticeably lower than most other top-rated betting sites; however, unless you’re looking for particularly obscure or niche sports, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. The offer extends to somewhat more specialized areas such as esports betting, politics, and entertainment.

The upside is that each of these categories is given proper attention, and none of them is there just to pump up the numbers. Horse racing, tennis, and rugby are exceptionally well-represented, with dozens of markets per event. This all adds up to around 8,000 betting offers daily, which is enough to keep you occupied even with the relatively limited selection of sports.

When it comes to odds, the story is a bit different. It’s hard to point out any glaring issues, but we wouldn’t call the offer amazing either. All in all, the betting odds at TitanBetare consistent and competitive, if a bit uninteresting. If you’re primarily focused on finding the best odds for football, for instance, you might find better options elsewhere; however, it’s difficult to complain about them, especially when the same quality applies to even the smallest of events and competitions.

TitanBet odds and markets

In-Play Betting

Live betting on TitanBetis available through a separate tab which can be found near the top of the screen. We’ll get the downsides out of the way first: TitanBet’s in-play betting screen seems to rely on Flash Player, meaning you will have to download it before placing any bets. This is not bad in and of itself, but the problem is that Google Chrome will stop supporting Flash plug-ins soon. We expect TitanBet will find a different solution, but this threatens to alienate a lot of potential customers.

The tab itself, however, is well-designed and functional, offering a live feed of useful information. It is also fast and reliable, which is key for a good in-play betting experience.

That being said, we found in-play betting at TitanBet somewhat lacking in terms of substance. Simply put, the variety of markets and events is far behind their pre-match offer. This is a common point of criticism for TitanBet, but they have been paying attention to it. They’ve been working hard on improving this aspect of their service over the years, and we’re seeing massive improvements, especially in terms of which sports are available for live bets. While we believe that listening to feedback is commendable, more work is needed if they want to catch up to industry leaders.

TitanBet Live Streaming Offer

TitanBet does not offer any live streaming options as of the writing of this review. While the lack of live streaming is by no means a deal-breaker, a lot of punters enjoy using sports betting platforms to watch sports as well as bet on them. With that in mind, we hope TitanBet will manage to bring something to the table on that front, as it will be a huge step forward if they want to be counted among top online sportsbooks.

TitanBet Bookmaker Margin

Betting odds are largely dictated by bookmaker margins, otherwise known as overround. Now, if you’ve been paying attention to our TitanBet odds comparison, you can probably see where this is going.

Titanbet’s margins are pretty good, but are by no means the best we’ve seen. They boast an average margin of around 5.3%. This is just slightly below the industry average, so there’s little to complain about. Again, you could probably find better offers if odds are all that matters to you or if you’re into high-stakes betting.

The margins are best for football, with a rather decent offer of 4.5%. As noted above, tennis and rugby are also quite good. On the flip side, fans of basketball betting and US sports betting, such as ice hockey, baseball, or American football, may be a bit disappointed, as these sports are what’s driving TitanBet’s average margin up.

Overall Review

It can be hard to provide a reliable overall impression of TitanBet. On one hand, the whole operation is professionally made, and there’s not a lot we can complain about. However, the problem is that this bookie does not truly excel in any one field. While registering on TitanBet is by no means a bad move or a mistake, it can be hard to recommend them if you know what else is out there.

The problem is that most punters these days like to shop around, which is smart. TitanBet has no glaring issues, but we’ve been doing this for quite a while and we know that there are noticeably better options out there. Football betting on TitanBet, for example, is quite good – but there are other sites out there that offer the same sort of quality but have numerous other strengths as well.

However, the people behind TitanBet listen to their customers, which often signals a bright future. Hopefully, with just a little bit of work, TitanBet will finally become a true titan of the betting scene.

How to open an account at Titanbet?

Before we finish this review – we should also note the excellent TitanBet welcome offer. Essentially, the registration bonus is a first deposit bonus of 100% up to £200 in free bets. This, at least, is better than even some industry leaders. All you have to do is register for an account using the promo code BETITAN (without the code, the bonus is up to £100). Here’s how to do that:

TitanBet opening account procedure explained
  • Use whichever internet browser you prefer and go to titanbet.com
  • Click the “register now” button at the top left of the screen.
  • Fill out the fields with your name, birth date, e-mail, and phone number. You will also need to provide your billing address.
  • Decide on account details such as username, password, and if you want to receive information about betting promotions and such.
  • Click the “Have a promo code?” blue text if you wish to use the above-mentioned code.
  • Click “Register”. Note that doing this means that you agree to Titanbet’s terms and conditions.
  • You will also need to provide personal documents to verify your account. This can be easily done through the contact page or your account page. You will need a scan of your password, drivers licence, or ID.

TitanBet review FAQ

What is the minimum stake at TitanBet?

The lowest amount you can wager on Titanbetis $0.1//€0.1/£0.1. Bear in mind, however, that the limit may be higher for some sports and live bets.

Unfortunately, TitanBet is unable to accept Australian customers for legal reasons. You can find the full list of TitanBet restricted countries above, in our section on licencing and safety.

Where can I get a TitanBet bonus code?

Right here! If you use the code BETITAN, you can get a first deposit bonus of up to £200, instead of the usual £100.

Is there a TitanBet betting app?

There is no official TitanBet mobile betting app. We were able to find evidence that such an app used to exist – however, it is no longer available, for unknown reasons. However, the TitanBet website is fully optimized for mobile devices, so betting on the go is quite possible.

What currencies can I use on TitanBet?

At this time, TitanBet customers can use any of the following currencies: US dollars, Euros, British pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, Norwegian Krone, Russian Ruble, Swedish Krona and South African Rand.

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