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    Betting Fellow is the home of the best football accumulator tips, carefully assembled by our team of punting experts. However, betting tips and predictions are not everything we offer our readers – we want to help you understand how we make our football accumulator predictions and, more importantly, how and why to use them effectively.

    With that in mind, this page will also serve as a place for you to learn all you need to know about accumulator bets. We’ll take a deep dive into betting theory, and take a look at why accas are one of the most popular options for millions of punters worldwide.

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Today accumulator tips Stats
  • Number of Bets: 436
  • Winning Bets: 5
  • Overall Stake : 4360
  • Profit: 231.1
  • Yield: -94.7 %
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-22
  • Sevilla - Mallorca: ( - ) - tip: Under 2,5
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-21
  • Monza - Atalanta: ( - ) - tip: Over 2,5
  • Crystal Palace - West Ham United: ( - ) - tip: Under 2,5
  • Coventry City - Manchester United: ( - ) - tip: Half time draw
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-20
  • Manchester City - Chelsea: (0 - 0) 1 - 0 tip: BTTS lose
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-19
  • Athletic Bilbao - Granada: (1 - 1) 1 - 1 tip: Under 2,5 win
  • Beşiktaş - Ankaragücü: (1 - 0) 2 - 0 tip: BTTS lose
  • Genoa - Lazio: (0 - 0) 0 - 1 tip: BTTS lose
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-16
  • Burton Albion - Cheltenham Town: (1 - 0) 1 - 2 tip: Away win
  • Southampton - Preston North End: (3 - 0) 3 - 0 tip: Over 2,5 win
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-03
  • Brentford - Brighton & Hove Albion: (0 - 0) 0 - 0 tip: Over 2,5 lose
  • Manchester City - Aston Villa: (2 - 1) 4 - 1 tip: Home win
  • Heracles - AZ Alkmaar: (3 - 0) 5 - 0 tip: Under 3,5 lose
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-02
  • West Ham United - Tottenham Hotspur: (1 - 1) 1 - 1 tip: HT/FT Draw/Away lose
  • Vitesse - Sparta Rotterdam: (1 - 3) 1 - 4 tip: Over 2,5 win
  • Gazişehir Gaziantep - Alanyaspor: (0 - 2) 0 - 3 tip: Home lose
  • Newcastle United - Everton: (1 - 0) 1 - 1 tip: Over 2,5 lose
Accumulator tips for 2024-04-01
  • Leicester City - Norwich City: (1 - 1) 3 - 1 tip: Over 2,5 win
  • Inter - Empoli: (1 - 0) 2 - 0 tip: Under 3,5 win
  • Cagliari - Hellas Verona: (0 - 1) 1 - 1 tip: Under 2,5 win
  • Coventry City - Cardiff City: (1 - 1) 1 - 2 tip: Over 2,5 win
Accumulator tips for 2024-03-29
  • Cardiff City - Sunderland: (0 - 2) 0 - 2 tip: Draw lose
  • Queens Park Rangers - Birmingham City: (0 - 0) 2 - 1 tip: Home win
  • Millwall - West Bromwich Albion: (1 - 0) 1 - 1 tip: Over 2,5 lose
  • Lille - Lens: (1 - 0) 2 - 1 tip: Over 2,5 win
Accumulator tips for 2024-03-14
  • West Ham United - Freiburg: (2 - 0) 5 - 0 tip: Over 2,5 win
  • Villarreal - Olympique Marseille: (1 - 0) 3 - 1 tip: Half time draw lose
  • Brighton & Hove Albion - Roma: (1 - 0) 1 - 0 tip: BTTS lose
  • Rangers - Benfica: (0 - 0) 0 - 1 tip: Under 2,5 win
Accumulator tips for 2024-03-11
  • Gazişehir Gaziantep - Beşiktaş: (1 - 0) 2 - 0 tip: Under 2,5 win
  • Almería - Sevilla: (1 - 0) 2 - 2 tip: Away Draw no Bet refund
  • Gil Vicente - Chaves: (0 - 0) 0 - 0 tip: Home lose
  • Lazio - Udinese: (0 - 0) 1 - 2 tip: Under 2,5 lose
Accumulator tips for 2024-03-08
  • Nice - Montpellier: (1 - 2) 1 - 2 tip: Over 2,5 win
Accumulator tips for 2024-03-06
  • Watford - Swansea City: (0 - 1) 1 - 1 tip: Over 2,5 lose
  • Middlesbrough - Norwich City: (2 - 1) 3 - 1 tip: Over 2,5 win
  • Real Madrid - RB Leipzig: (0 - 0) 1 - 1 tip: BTTS win
Accumulator tips for 2024-03-01
  • Celta de Vigo - Almería: (0 - 0) 1 - 0 tip: Over 2,5 lose
  • Freiburg - Bayern München: (1 - 1) 2 - 2 tip: HT/FT Draw/Away lose
  • West Bromwich Albion - Coventry City: (2 - 0) 2 - 1 tip: Over 2,5 win
Accumulator tips for 2024-02-27
  • Ross County - St. Mirren: (1 - 0) 1 - 1 tip: Away lose
  • Derby County - Charlton Athletic: (1 - 0) 1 - 2 tip: Under 2,5 lose
  • AFC Bournemouth - Leicester City: (0 - 0) 0 - 0 tip: Home lose
  • Luton Town - Manchester City: (1 - 3) 2 - 6 tip: Away win
Accumulator tips for 2024-02-23
  • Metz - Olympique Lyonnais: (1 - 1) 1 - 2 tip: Under 2,5 lose
  • Coventry City - Preston North End: (0 - 3) 0 - 3 tip: Over 2,5 win
  • Bayer Leverkusen - Mainz 05: (1 - 1) 2 - 1 tip: Under 3,5 win
  • Real Sociedad - Villarreal: (0 - 1) 1 - 3 tip: Under 2,5 lose
Accumulator tips for 2024-02-22
  • Sparta Praha - Galatasaray: (1 - 1) 4 - 1 tip: Under 2,5 lose
  • Freiburg - Lens: (0 - 2) 2 - 2 tip: Home lose

More about Today accumulator tips

    Betting Fellow is the home of the best football accumulator tips, carefully assembled by our team of punting experts. However, betting tips and predictions are not everything we offer our readers – we want to help you understand how we make our football accumulator predictions and, more importantly, how and why to use them effectively.

    With that in mind, this page will also serve as a place for you to learn all you need to know about accumulator bets. We’ll take a deep dive into betting theory, and take a look at why accas are one of the most popular options for millions of punters worldwide.

    More about Today accumulator tips

What are Accumulator Bets?

In case you’re completely new to online sports betting, we’ll start with the very basics.

An accumulator betting is a multiple bet that includes at least 4 different selections all combined into one bet. These four selections are generally made on separate events (although not necessarily, if you use special sportsbook features like the Bet Builder), and must all be successful for the accumulator to win. The selections are often called “legs”.

Accumulators have become immensely popular among in football betting in the last few decades, starting with the UK. They are often referred to as Accas in Britain, Parlays in the US, and multiples in other parts of the world – although this last one can be a source of confusion for new punters. For a bet to be considered a true accumulator, it must contain at least 4 legs, and the term “multiple” can also be used to refer to doubles and triples – bets with two or three legs, respectively.

Either way, just remember that you need at least 4 legs for an acca, and most top betting sites accept accas of up to 8 selections. While there is no major distinction between doubles, triples, and accas from a technical perspective, most bookies don’t treat them all the same. For instance, the best bookmakers often offer special accumulator betting promotions – such as the famed Acca Insurance. Such offers do not work for doubles and triples.

Now we’ll dive into how accumulator bets work in terms of odds and returns. Perhaps the easiest way of explaining how accumulator odds are calculated is to think of your selections as separate bets, where you use the previous bet’s winnings as a stake for the next one.

We’ll illustrate with a simple example. We’ll use decimal odds to make the math easier to understand. Let’s say we have four selections:

Brighton to beat Crystal Palace at odds of 2.10.

Tottenham to beat Wolverhampton at odds of 2.30.

Juventus to beat Lyon at odds of 2.00.

Newcastle to beat Burnley at odds of 2.50.

Let’s start with a stake of £10. If selection 1 wins, you end up with £20,10 in total returns. As stated above, simply take these winnings and use them as a stake for selection number two.

Assuming selection 2 wins as well, your returns would amount to £46.23. If you do that with all the selections, you’ll end up with a tidy sum of £241.15. Not bad for a £10 stake, right?

As you can see, calculating odds for accumulators is fairly straightforward: just multiply the odds of your selections with the stake, and you have your returns:

10 x 2.10 x 2.30 x 2.00 x 2.50 = 241.15

If you paid close attention to our accumulator bet example, you should already be getting a clear picture of some of the pros and cons of accumulator bets. We’ll get to that soon enough, but for now, it’s important to remember that any one of these legs failing means that the acca has failed as well. This is the primary problem with accumulator bets, and is the reason why returns can be this significant.

Betting Fellow is primarily intended for fans of football, which is by far the most popular sport among punters. Besides, accumulators are traditionally associated with football betting, to a point where making football accas is a sort of ritual in pubs and betting shops across the UK. As such, we’ll stick to football for most of our examples and accumulator betting strategies. However, you can theoretically make accas with any sort of sport imaginable. As long as you can find four or more selections to bet on, an accumulator is possible.

Why use Accumulator Bets?

Like any other type of bet, accumulators come with a set of advantages and disadvantages. As our example illustrated nicely, accumulators are one of the best ways of getting great returns for a relatively tiny investment. As such, they can be a great way of making profits from football betting if you’re running with a very limited budget. This can result in insane ratios of profit to stake as you pile on more selections – however, the chances of the acca winning also decrease exponentially. For beginners, we would recommend sticking to four-leg accumulators for the time being.

On the flip side, our example revealed the major flaw of accas as well: the low probability of one of them succeeding. If this were a single, the odds would be 24.1, or around 23/1– which is not a bet most people would ever take.

A common rookie mistake is to believe that, since an acca is comprised of several bets which all have decent chances of winning, the accumulator as a whole has more-or-less the same chances. However, a basic understanding of statistics will tell us that the betting odds for accumulators accurately reflect the probability.

Now you might be thinking – betting has always been about balancing risk vs. reward. So are accumulator bets good if their selections have value?

The problem here is that statistics and betting theory generally support low-odds betting: making small profits over an extended period. Accumulators go directly against this idea.

However, that doesn’t mean they are bad. Remember, betting types are just tools to a smart punter: none of them is inherently good or bad – it’s how you use them. Besides, accas can be incredibly exciting, and give you the chance to be invested in several matches.

How to bet with Accumulators?

From a purely technical standpoint, placing an accumulator bet is nothing complicated. Pretty much all betting sites out there have them as an option, and pretty much all markets can be combined into an accumulator. Although, it should be said that most players prefer sticking to Full Time Result accumulators. The reasoning is simple: you’re making several bets, which means at least four matches that need to be researched. 1X2 accumulators have the most resources for this research, so reliable accumulator predictions are considerably easier to make.

Anyway, to make an accumulator bet, just find the selections you want on your sportsbook of choice, and add them to your bet slip. Generally, the option to place them as an accumulator will appear, next to other possibilities like separate singles, doubles, a Trixie, etc.

How to Choose Selections for Accumulators?

Like with all bets, there are good accas and bad ones. When making today’s accumulator predictions, our betting experts take into account several factors. For starters, it’s not merely a question of looking for betting value. The risky nature of accas means that you have to stick to relatively short odds selections, and we would advise most punters to do so. Long odds bets are already unlikely to bring in long-term profits – there’s no need to make it worse.

It might seem obvious, but accumulators are only as good as the selections they are comprised of. With that in mind, assembling good accumulator bets means that you have to do the proper research for each one of those selections. This process largely depends on what kind of selection you're making in the first place because most markets can be made into accas. Thankfully, Betting Fellow offers a plethora of betting tips, predictions, and guides for pretty much every popular football market out there. All of our predictions pages come equipped with a short betting guide such as this one, so there’s plenty of material for you to find out how to assemble accumulators.

Just remember, there’s no room for being lazy if you want to be successful in sports betting. An accumulator fails if even one selection does, meaning that all selections are equally important. A herd is only as fast as its slowest member, and an acca is only as strong as its weakest selection.

We already mentioned value in betting – and it should be on your mind at all times. For instance, while 1x2 accumulator predictions are by far the most popular, punters seeking value often turn to alternative markets. This can be a good idea if you know what you’re doing.

Also, because an acca is comprised of several games, statistics tend to be even more important than usual. Over this larger sample size, forms and statistics are much harder to go against. Let's look at a more concrete example: statistically, 48% of football matches end in a home win. So, statistically speaking, going for a home win as often as possible is one of the ways to mitigate the riskiness of accas.

Where to bet with Accumulators?

As previously stated, pretty much all online sportsbooks support using accumulator bets. And, since the profits you can get from an acca re directly tied to the odds of each of the selections, it would be very hard to pinpoint the best betting sites for accumulators.

As such, the best course of action would just be to find the best bookmaker for you, and go from there. If you need help making the choice, you can start with our list of top betting sites. You can also find specialized lists and bookmaker reviews if you need more detailed information.

For now, though, we’ll give you some suggestions on recommended betting sites we use personally. These also have somewhat interesting offers for accas. Bet365. An obvious choice for experienced punters. However, the reason we’re listing this bookie here is that they invented the Bet Builder feature. The Bet Builder essentially allows you to make accas out of different markets for the same event.

Pinnacle. If you want great odds and low margins, look no further. Pinnacle is praised by professional punters worldwide for their focus on high-stakes betting and their incredible odds, which can result in very profitable accumulators.

Betway. A great place for alternative markets and accumulators. Betway also boasts very interesting betting promotions and great coverage of international sports, ranging from football to esports.

Accumulator Betting Tips

We’ll close this article with a few accumulator bet tips and pointers that didn’t fit anywhere else. Bear in mind that, as always, some things can only come through experience. We can help you along with guides like these and our expert acca tips, but the best way to get good at betting is through practice. Just keep making bets and learning about them, and you’ll be counting winnings in no time.

Avoid backing draw results. Betting on draws can occasionally seem appealing, but draws ar notoriously hard to predict.

Value is always a priority. It’s easy to forget this essential betting strategy for accumulators because they consist of several selections – don’t let that happen. A bad bet is a bad bet, even if it ends up winning, and even if it’s part of an acca.

Keep your stakes low. The main draw of accas is that they turn small stakes into large payouts. However, most accas lose – even for professional punters.

Stick to what you know. Try to make accas for teams and leagues you’re familiar with. Accumulators are already hard enough – there’s no need to make it even worse by going outside your comfort zone.

Accumulator Betting Verdict

At the end of the day, the main reason accumulators achieved such widespread popularity is because of how fun they are. The tension as you wait for the last leg of your 6-leg accumulator to settle is tough to beat, especially if you consider how big the payout can be.

So our final piece of advice is this: relax and enjoy the bets you make. Sports betting is entertainment, not a business. Eventually, with enough practice and by following today’s acca tips, the profits will come on their own.

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