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Canadian/Super Yankee Bet Calculator explained

Canadian or Super Yankee bets are not something you see every day but can be a great addition to your wagering arsenal. With that in mind, Betting Fellow has created this Canadian / Super Yankee bet calculator, complete with a Canadian / Super Yankee betting guide.

This article aims to help you with putting together your next Super Yankee. However, there is a host of similar combination bets out there, and you can find information and the best betting calculators for those here.

What is a Canadian / Super Yankee?

As you might have gathered by now, a Canadian bet is just a different way of calling a Super Yankee. So, what is a Super Yankee? How does a Canadian bet work?

A Super Yankee is a 5-selection full-coverage combination bet. What does this mean, exactly?

A Super Yankee takes 5 betting selections and combines them in a series of accumulators. Essentially, every possible Acca combination you can make from these 5 selections is combined into a single Canadian. This means that a Super Yankee consists of 26 separate bets. To illustrate which bets these and how a Super Yankee combines its selections and rolls them into accumulators, let’s imagine we have five selections: A, B, C, D, and E.

This imaginary wager would consist of:

10 doubles: AB, AC, AD, AE, BC, BD, BE, CD, CE, and DE.

10 trebles: ABC, ABD, ABE, ACD, ACE, ADE, BCD, BCE, BDE, and CDE.

5 four-fold accumulators: ABCD, ABCE, ACDE, ABDE, and BCDE.

1 five-fold accumulator: ABCDE.

It should be clear by now that this is not exactly a simple betting system to figure out and calculate, which is the whole purpose of our bet calculator.

All of the individual selections on a Super Yankee are for separate outcomes of separate events. As you could also probably tell from the name, a Super Yankee is essentially just a Yankee bet with an additional selection.

Of course, considering the way full-coverage combinations work, this results in the number of actual bets increasing exponentially.

Why Use a canadian / Super Yankee Bet?

To understand how to use Canadian bets, we need to understand what exactly their purpose is. As a rule, full-coverage bets are used with two main ideas in mind:

Maximising returns

Minimising risks

As far as the potential profits go, it should be fairly evident how Super Yankee bets payout incredible returns. Just consider for a moment the ratio of stake to returns for a 5-fold accumulator alone – well, Super Yankees add another 25 bets. Additionally, this massive number of bets uses only 5 selections. Doing proper research and making informed wagers for 26 individual bets would be a nightmare. This way, you can get the most out of just 5 matches or races.

Furthermore, the fact that the stake is spread this wide is one of the major advantages of Super Yankee bets. A bet this big is very unlikely to completely go your way – but it’s also very likely to give you some returns. On the other hand, this comes with a price: Super Yankee bets can get ridiculously expensive if you want any kind of reasonable payout. Remember that you need all of the 26 bets to have identical stakes – otherwise, it’s not a Super Yankee, it’s a just a few Accas thrown together. Canadian bets are not easy or quick to make, meaning you should probably have some experience with smaller combination bets such as Trixie or Yankee before trying them out.

Knowing what to expect with Super Yankee bets can be hard to predict without running the numbers through a calculator. What we mean by that is that with five selections, there is a notable jump in variables compared to a 4-selection Yankee.

With smaller combination bets, you can easily categorize the different outcomes – usually, you need 2 selections to win to break even and 3 to profit. However, with Super Yankees, these lines become blurred. Your success rate can rarely be simplified as "I just need 2 to win". Instead, there is a host of different possibilities and you need to carefully consider all of them before knowing is the Yankee Bet worth it.

How To Use Canadian/Super Yankee Bet Calculator

If already know what is a Canadian bet and how they work, making use of the calculator should be intuitive. Still, just in case it’s your first time using a bet calculator, we’ll walk you through the process.

You first need to set it up for the kind of bet you’re making. This includes choosing the format of the odds between decimal, fractional, and US Moneyline. Also, you need to define if your bet is each-way or not.

After that, you'll need to decide on the size of your stake and how it is divided among the Super Yankee's constituent bets. Your options are to either form it as a per-bet stake or your entire budget. In the case of the latter, the calculator will divide it into 26 equal parts for you.

Then, you can move on to the selections themselves. All you need to do is find 5 selections on the sportsbook of your choice and type in the odds for each of them. As the selections are settled, you can select whether they won or not.

Seeing how all full-coverage combination bets originate in horse racing, you’ll have some additional options if that’s what your bet is for. For example, the results of the selections can also be marked as a dead heat or withdrawn. Moreover, you can even set if withdrawals trigger Rule 4 odds adjustments.

Canadian / Super Yankee Bet Example

We’ve talked at length about how Super Yankee bet can have a lot of different outcomes, depending on how many selections were successful. The best way to showcase this fact is through a hard example. This should also give you a clearer idea of how to place a Super Yankee bet.

For the said example, we’ll be using Bet365’s football offers. We chose our selections due to the binary nature of Full Time Result wagers, which should make the math simpler and easier to follow. With that in mind, our selections are also based on relatively round odds, not potential value or quality of the bets.

Because of how Canadian bets payout, we’ll go exclusively for odds longer than 2.00, and we recommend that you do the same. Otherwise, you would need most selections to win just to cover the initial stake. Let’s get into the selections themselves.

Selection 1 is a Europa League matchup between FC Copenhagen and Celtic. We’re going for an away win at odds of 2.30.

Next up, another Europa League match, this time it’s Apoel Nicosia vs. Basel. Our selection is an away win at odds of 2.70.

We’ll stay with the Europa League: Olympiacos F.C. vs. Arsenal. Another Away Win at odds of 2.40.

Europa League, Glasgow Rangers vs. Braga. Home Win at odds of 2.30.

We’ll switch it up with a Premier League bet: Newcastle vs. Burnley. We’ll back Newcastle at odds of 2.50.

To make math simpler, we’ll say our stake per bet is £5, although this adds up to a total budget of £130.

Now, let’s got through all the possible outcomes from best to worst.

The ideal outcome is, of course, if all 5 selections win. In such a case all of our accumulators are successful and we would win a massive £2331.43. This nicely illustrates our points: Canadian bets can be massively profitable, but keep in mind that our stake was very high as well.

If only one of our selections ends up losing, we can still safely call it a winning Super Yankee. Your total return would be between £595.46 and £672.00, which is more than five times the initial total stake.

Thirdly, we could win 3 of our selections. This would mean a total return of anywhere between £145.13 and £177.15. This is a fairly small profit margin but is still pretty decent considering almost half of our predictions were wrong.

If we end up with only 2 winning selections, we would make back some money, but not nearly enough to cover the initial stake: between £26.45 and £33.75.

Lastly, if we only had one or no successful selections, the Super Yankee fails.

Canadian / Super Yankee FAQs:

How to calculate a Canadian bet?

A Canadian bet, also known as a Super Yankee, consists of 26 separate bets, making it fairly annoying and difficult to calculate properly. We recommend using Betting Fellow’s Super Yankee bet calculator, which you can find right here on this page.

Otherwise, calculating your returns depends on several factors, and depends on how many of your selections won and what their ods were like. You can find a list of all the possible outcomes in the Canadian Bet Example further up on this page. If you insist on doing it manually, it's a matter of figuring out which of the Canadian bet's constituent accumulators won. Generally speaking, only one failed selection is enough to write off more than half of these Accas. After that, just add the Acca returns together to figure out your winnings.

How to make a Canadian bet?

Most of the world’s best betting sites allow you to make a Canadian on any 5-selection betting slip. Just find your selections in the sportsbook, add them to the slip, and rolling them all into a Canadian / Super Yankee should become available.

Canadian bets and how they were devised is closely related to horse racing, but they can be made from pretty much any sport or bet you can imagine. In cases where the bookie does not directly allow you to do so, making a Canadian bet manually is an option – albeit a fairly difficult one. You would have to make all of the separate accumulators and place them yourself. You can find more information about the Canadian bet’s constituent Accas in the “What is a Canadian / Super Yankee?” section of this Canadian betting guide.

How to win a Super Yankee?

Properly assembling full-coverage combination bets is notoriously difficult. I mean, consider how hard a reliably predicted accumulator is hard to win. Well, a Super Yankee consists of 26 of those.

It is very important, however, to consider the scale in which winning Canadian bets are. Simply put, a complex combination bet like this does not simply win or lose – there’s a lot of possible outcomes, each with its possible returns. To get the full picture, refer to our example in Betting Fellow's Super Yankee betting guide, right here on this page.

In any case, you need to remember not to rush things and that, while knowing how to use Super Yankee bets is useful, you should not use them every time you have 5 selections of any kind. You need to carefully do the math. Otherwise, the risk-reward ratio will make sure you lose in terms of value no matter the actual outcome.

What is the difference between Canadian and Lucky 31?

These two types of combination bet are very closely related. For starters, they are both made up of 5 selections and every possible accumulator combination between those 5 selections. However, the Lucky 31 includes the five selections places as singles, in addition to the Accas.

Hence the number 31 – where a Super Yankee / Canadian bet consists of 26 separate bets, a Lucky 31 has a total of 31. You can check out Betting Fellow's complete guide to Lucky 31 bets for more info.