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Lucky 15 Bet Calculator explained

Lucky 15 combination bets are often subject to various promotions and bonuses offered by bookies. If you want to take advantage of these betting offers, you need to understand how it works and how to calculate Lucky 15 payouts.

To that end, you can find Betting Fellow’s Lucky 15 bet calculator right here on this page.

It will also serve as a Lucky 15 betting guide and will tell you everything there is to know about this particular betting type and how to use it properly. If you’re looking to find out more about the best bet calculators and/or combination bets other than Lucky 15, check out this page.

What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

If you are already familiar with the basic full-coverage combination bets, this will be rather easy to understand. Essentially, a Lucky 15 is a Yankee bet with singles. If that doesn’t tell you quite enough, let’s take a closer look at how Lucky 15 bets work.

Just like a Yankee, a Lucky 15 consists of 4 betting selections spread out over a larger number of bets – in this case, 15. A Lucky 15 contains every accumulator that can be made from combining the selections, plus the selections wagered as singles.

So what does a Lucky 15 consist of, exactly? The full tally is 6 doubles, 4 trebles, one four-fold accumulator, and 4 singles. To illustrate how these selections are combined into a Lucky 15, let’s imagine we have 4 selections called A, B, C, and D. Here is how the individual bets forming the Lucky 15 would look like:

Singles: A, B, C and D.

Doubles: AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, and BD.

Trebles: ABC, ABD, ACD, and BCD.

Four-fold: ABCD.

Each selection appears in at 3 doubles and 3 trebles, which is why profits quickly decrease with the number of winning selections. We’ll get into more details about this later.

Just to avoid any confusion, there is nothing particularly lucky about this type of bet. The name itself was devised by bookmakers, and it refers to the 15 separate bets that make it. It does mean, however, that it is known for often being included in betting promotions and sportsbook bonuses. The most common of these Lucky 15 promotions are reward bonuses if all selections win or if only one selection loses, and occasionally consolation bonuses if only one selection wins. Depending on the bookmaker, Lucky 15s can be some of the best betting offers out there.

Why Use a Lucky 15?

Besides the promos, Lucky 15s are a popular choice for veteran punters across the globe.

The most common debate regarding combination bets is Yankee vs. Lucky 15. Thus, to best understand when to use a Lucky 15, it’s probably best to illustrate it by comparing it to Yankee.

First, let’s look at the most obvious difference by considering the singles. The singles component spreads your stake even further which results in added safety. Unlike with a Yankee, having only one winning selection will still bring in some returns for a Lucky 15. Also, the total number of bets is increased, so you can get even bigger returns for the same number of selections.

Getting this many separate bets from just four predictions cuts down the amount of research you have to do for a reward as big as this. This is true for any combination bet, but Lucky 15 pushes this idea even further.

On the flip side, having 15 bets means that they can get very expensive. Remember, you need all the stake sizes to be the same. Also, it means that if your Lucky 15 is less successful, your profits are smaller than they would be for an equally (un)successful Yankee.

Additionally, while a Lucky 15 is far from the most complex full-coverage bet, it’s not very beginner-friendly. Sure, our bet calculator will help you out with figuring out the possible outcomes, but knowing when to go for a Lucky 15 and when not to is half the battle here.

The other benefits of Lucky 15 bets are those shared among all full-coverage combination bets. Among those is the fact that you’re spreading your stake very wide, which is the best way of managing risk.

Generally speaking, you want to use a Lucky 15 when using longer odds than you would for a Yankee. A common approach is to have at least one “safety” selection with short odds. This winning single will not save your stake, but it can negate the steep price of a Lucky 15. If you’re confident that at least 2 of your selections will win, a Yankee might be a better option because of the better stake-to-profit ratio. And finally, if you’re confident about all 4, Lucky 15 does bring in more profits overall.

How To Use the Lucky 15 Bet Calculator

Now that you have a basic understanding of how a Lucky 15 bet works, let’s see how you would apply this knowledge in a bet calculator.

For starters, you want to set some parameters. First of all, chose whether you want your odds to be in the format of decimals, fractions, or US Moneyline. Also, select whether the bet is considered each-way or not. Do note, however, that a lot of the Lucky 15 promos we talked about earlier do not extend to each-way variations.

The next step is setting your stake. You can either format it as stake per bet or type in your entire budget and let the calculator divide these evenly.

This concludes all the preliminary work, and it’s time to get into the selections themselves. The first step would be to set the odds as per the bookmaker you’ll be using. You can then set any of them as wins or loses and watch how it affects your returns.

There are other options as well, but they only need to concern you if you’re betting on horse races. Like all full coverage bets, Lucky 15s were originally used for this sport. As a result, Lucky 15 in horse racing offers some additional possibilities. For example, selections can end in a Dead Heat situation. Otherwise, you can choose whether Rule 4 applies to the bet at hand. Rule 4 is used to modify the odds in case a horse is withdrawn before the start of the race.

Lucky 15 Example

The best way to make sure you understand how to make a Lucky 15 bet is through a specific example. We will be using a football Lucky 15 bet because this is by far the most popular sport. And while yes, Lucky 15s are generally seen as connected to horse racing, the binary nature of a Full Time Result football bet lends itself better for our purposes.

With that in mind, do note that the selections made here chosen to keep the math as simple as possible, not because they are good or bad selections. Also, it's worth noting that all four of your selections should have odds of 2.00 or higher. Otherwise, the risk-to-reward ratio can be pretty bad, indicating bad value.

Here are our selections:

Selection number one is a UEFA Champions League matchup between Tottenham Hotspur and RB Leipzig. Our prediction is a home win at odds of 2.60.

Next up, we have a La Liga match between Grenada and Velta Vigo. Our selection is a home win at 2.50 betting odds.

Our third selection is an El Classico derby: Real Madrid vs Barcelona. We’re going for Real Madrid at odds of 2.30.

Finally, our fourth pick is a Europa League matchup between Getafe CF and Ajax. We’re going for an Away win at 2.70 odds.

Our stake per bet will be £5. This brings the total Lucky 15 stake to £75.

Considering there are a lot of variables at play, a Lucky 15 has several possible outcomes. Because the odds are different on all our selections, there’s a lot of ways this can affect your returns as well. To make our lives easier, we’ll just look at the outcomes and the range in which the reward would be, just so you can get a clear idea of Lucky 15’s degrees of success.

The best outcome by far would be if all four selections won. In such a case, the total return would come up to £764.23 for a profit of £689.23. Those are some massive profits, but the scenario is relatively unlikely. Also, the best online bookmakers often offer a 10% increase for all-winning Lucky 15 bets. That would bring the total returns to a whopping £840.65.

The next possible outcome is if one selection fails.

In this case, your profits would be somewhere between £127.90 and £153.10, depending on the odds of the failing selection. This still brings in a tidy sum, and nicely shows off one of the many Lucky 15 advantages.

Speaking of which, if two selections win, you’re already doing a lot worse. Again, your returns depend entirely on which selections won and which didn’t. Your total returns would range anywhere between £52.75 and £61.40. As you can tell, these odds are not long enough to make up your stake with only two wins, although it’s not far either.

Lastly, you can have only one selection win, meaning only one single bet would win. Your returns would be between £18 and £22. However, it is worth noting that top betting sites often double the odds on this single as a consolation prize. That would substantially increase your winnings and is one of the reasons Lucky 15 can be such good opportunities.

Lucky 15 FAQ

How to make a Lucky 15 bet?

Most top betting sites in 2020 have Lucky 15 bets as an option whenever you’re making a bet. Simply make 4 selections on your betting slip and select the Lucky 15 option.

If this is not an option, you can opt to make one manually, although this would take some time. You would just need to make 4 singles, 6 doubles, 4 trebles and a four-fold accumulator with your selections.

Can you do a Lucky 15 for football?

While bets like the Lucky 15 are often associated with horse racing, you can technically create your own Lucky 15 with any sport or betting category. The example in this Lucky 15 betting guide uses football, which should help you understand how a Lucky 15 football bet works.

What does Lucky 15 mean?

If you're looking to understand how this particular full-coverage combination bet works, you will find Lucky 15 bets explained throughout this page.

If you’re wondering about the name, there is sadly no interesting explanation. The number 15 simply refers to the number of individual bets a lucky 15 bet consists of. The word "lucky" was coined by bookmakers to make their Lucky 15 betting offers sound more attractive.

Are Lucky 15 bets good?

The answer to this answer depends on the specific bet you’re planning to make. Just like a single can be either good or bad in terms of value, Lucky 15 bets can also be great if you use them properly.

The quality of a Lucky 15 ultimately depends on the selections, and if you’re using the combination bet when you’re supposed to. The first step to recognising good lucky 15 opportunities is understanding how Lucky 15 works, which is why Betting Fellow has provided this guide.